Friday, March 6, 2009

"Ode to My Washing Machine"

Besides a sewing machine and, of course, scissors, thread, needles, etc..... there are 2 machines that are essential for a seamstress: an iron and a washing machine!  My washer died this week so I have written an

"Ode to My Washing Machine"

Oh, my dear friend, my washing machine,
You've worked so hard for me.
You've washed my clothes and underwear
And once, even my car keys.

I've filled you full, up to the top
With towels, dish cloths and sheets.
I always put in pairs of socks
Then pray to get back one for both feet.

The other night you groaned and creaked.
I thought "Oh, what will I do?"
But, then you finished with that load;
That's what I've come to expect from you.

The next day you filled with water
and just sat and would not spin.
I turned you off and let you rest
Then I turned you on again.

You made a brave and valiant effort.
You spun around one turn.
Then you sputtered and stuttered before you stopped
For the last time.  #$%@$&* Oh darn!

Of course, you sat with a load of towels
Soaking in water to the top.
I took them out one by one
And then made use of my mop.

I emptied your water cup by cup 
And poured it down the sink.
It took a while, but now you're dry.
I'm starting to come back from the brink.

Tomorrow, you are going away
Forever, I'm sad to say,
And in your place there will be
A new washer for which I must pay!!

As you know, I love old things, except for broken washing machines.  My daughters gave me
this beautiful sewing box!  I love it.  I usually keep it by my chair upstairs where I do most of my hand work.  I keep scissors, a couple of colors of thread, embroidery thread and needles, etc...  I just wanted you to see it and I didn't want to do a whole post without any photos.
I'm finished cutting out pants, a shirt, a jacket, and a hat for Little Man.  Now, on to the sewing machine.


Rachel said...

Oh no. I am good at tearing up dryers. I have torn up two in 14 years of marriage. I did not know you were a poet.

Julia said...

A poet? Not really. I like to write corny, rhyming stuff just for fun!. It seems that we are constantly replacing something around here. We had to replace our refrigerator at Thanksgiving and it was only 6 1/2 yrs. old!!

knitmachinequeen said...

Julia there is nothing wrong with corny, rhyming stuff!

Pamela said...

just when you think everything is going good...Enjoyed reading your little ditty tho, very clever. Somehow all washing machines seem to eat one sock, don't ya hate that?

gwensews said...

What a fun ode! Thank you for that.

I LOVE you sewing box. Lucky you.

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