Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Week of Highs and Lows

I'll list the highs first because they were so awesome and far outweigh the lows!!!:

1.  Got to be with one of our daughters and Little Man!! Our DD loved the Easter suit for Little Man.  I took lots of photos of him.  He is so, so, so cute and crawling everywhere.  He has the most engaging smile and eyes.   We met them in Washington D. C. where our daughter was doing research for her doctoral dissertation.  We got to babysit!! It is so much fun seeing him learn to recognize his Granmomma and Grandaddy!

2.  Got to visit my niece, her husband, and their two adorable little boys.  They are 2 1/2 and almost 4.  These are my sister's grandsons.   

3.  Got to tour some sites in D.C. we haven't been to before.  We went to the Space Museum.  I'd been there but my DH hadn't.  We went to a couple of the art museums we hadn't been to.  We went to Union Station.  We stayed near George Washington University.  My DH and DD went to a grocery store in the Watergate Hotel.  I stayed outside with the stroller; it wouldn't fit on the escalator.

4. Got to visit my DH's cousin.

5.  Got to go to Fort MacHenry in Baltimore.  The flag in the photo is from there.  This is not the flag they normally fly, which is a replica of the original one that is in the American History Museum.  The wind was too high.

6.  I got some of my hand work done on Jenna's dress.  Not as much as I'd hoped, but some just the same.
7.  I lost some weight!!

Now for the Lows:

1.  My sciatica and my DH's heel spur were acting up.  We looked pretty sad limping along the street to the Metro stations.  

2.  I got sick with what I guess is a stomach virus.  I say, I guess, because aren't these little buggers supposed to go away after 24 hours or so?  Also, so far, no one else has gotten it.  Aren't viruses supposed to be highly contagious?   Anyway,  since Tuesday night (let's see that's Wed.,  Thurs,  Fri, Sat, and now Sun.), I have eaten nothing except crackers, toast, crackers, bread, crackers, and finally last night (Saturday) a little broth and jello, which immediately made me sick!!  I tried some more today, though, and kept it down.  I am   a little weak today, but surely to goodness this is the end!!
So, even though we were with our DD and Little Man, I stayed back in the room some while the others saw the sites and ate meals.  Or, I went with them and watched them eat and scoped out the restrooms everywhere we went.  

3.  I was too nauseous most of the time to read blogs, my book , or do my hand sewing.

I have done a little hand work on Jenna's dress. I have done a little of the smocking and most of the embroidery.  I haven't gotten any work done on Kellen's, but I AM ON SPRING BREAK THIS WEEK AND GET TO STAY HOME EVERY DAY, Recuperate and sew!!!


Tanya said...

I'm so sorry that you weren't feeling well, hopefully you're on the mend. Can't wait to see the finished dress, it looks adorable already.

Sewfast said...

Sorry you were sick, but glad you got to spend time with your family!

gwensews said...

Well, Julia, so sorry you are sick. I hope bug has left by now. Aren't grandhildren the greatest?

That's some prety smocking. I'll stay tuned for the finished product.

BeeBee said...

Hi Julia, I saw your post on my blog. Thanks for the nice words on my pretty funny quilt. It really was a blast making it, though it turned out kind of funny.
I see you're in Tennessee? I'm originally from the Tri-cities area and went to school in Knoxville. Go Vols!

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