Friday, February 27, 2009

Self Portrait!!

Yes, I know this is a little scary, but it is how I have felt for a good portion of the past few days.  Please don't judge my drawing ability from this picture.  I did it in about 2 minutes, which is 2 minutes more than I really had!!  You know how it is when there are just toooooooo many things to do and all you really want to do is go sit down at the sewing machine and sew, sew, sew!!! ( The extra long eyelashes are because I started using that new Loreal mascara the adds tubes of length to your own lashes.  It really does work.  My eyes feel a little sticky when I use it, but hey, beauty is worth it, huh?)
These past few days have been  crazy!!! Just about every thing went against what I had intended.  First of all, I went to get my mom's taxes done the other day and felt very stupid when the accountant pointed out to me that I needed a bunch of  stuff I didn't have like: her retirement tax form, SS tax report, statements from a few stocks that she has, etc....  I realized at that point that I had not received these things in the mail, well, "Why not?" you might ask.  It could be because when she moved into a nursing home about a year and a half ago from an assisted living facility I never requested address changes for any of these places.  I got them last year because the post office was still forwarding her mail to me.  Now, she's moved into a different nursing home, and things just got a little more complicated.   DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO SIMPLY CHANGE SOMEONE'S ADDRESS ????   It is like an act of congress.  Anyway, I think I finally have all of that stuff taken care of, except for having a couple of things notarized and taking one to have some kind of special medallion ?????  that can only be done at a  bank.  What is up with that?  I guess I'm glad they are so careful, but this is insane!!  Mother has to have some tests run this coming week and can only be transported by ambulance.  My brother was going to be able to go if she could go on Monday, but of course, they can't take her till Friday; MY day off.  I'm glad to go with her, but there goes another sewing day.  I know, I know this sounds VERY selfish, and I feel so GUILTY even thinking it, let alone writing it for all to see.
My chiropractors, yes, there are 2 of them, told me to drink at least a quart of water for every 50 pounds that I weigh.  I'm not telling how many quarts that adds up to, but I spilled the first two quarts in my sewing room first thing this morning.  Of course, I soaked myself in the process.  Also, even though I've been to the chiropractor only 3 times, I was feeling much better, that is , until this afternoon, when I had one of the worst pains from my sciatica yet.  It's better now, though.  I think stress has something to do with it.
Then, when I finally did get to sew, things didn't work out like I had planned.  I had intended to do scallops along the hemline with the trim that I made from the fabric I had left over from Emory's dress.  There wasn't ANY GIVE in this trim so curves were out.   Ok, I decided I would do straight lines.  I was in such a funk and trying to hurry so I didn't do my neatest work, hence, the pinkish ribbon on either side of the hemline trim.  Actually, I like it this way, so I guess that's a good thing.  Nothing ever comes out like I envision anyway.
Since I used the ribbon on the skirt I decided to add it to the collar too.  Here is the collar unattached and unfinished.  I love the little girl with her parasol.  
Riley is 3 and started preschool yesterday!!  She wants to be a hippo when she grows up!!  She's a hoot!!!
On Thursday morning I was late to work; I've never been late to work in all the years I've taught, but my DH forgot to turn on the alarm, and we overslept.  It was no big deal, but it did throw me off for the whole day!!  This evening I kicked over my drink in our family room and sent it all the way across the room!!  Earlier today I knocked my wooden calendar that has little square wooden pieces for each day off the wall.  Nothing broke, and I found all the little squares after I fished them out of my soapy dish water.  I did cook a good supper, though.  I made chicken tetrazzini. My DH does most of the cooking around here.
When I told my DH that I was coming back down stairs to sew some more, he said, "Please be careful!"  What a thing to say!  I was only walking down the stairs, using a hot iron (which I burned myself on a couple of days ago), scissors, and an electric sewing machine with a sharp needle.  He knows me  well.  I decided to blog instead.  It seemed safer.


Angelia said...

Cute post!!! We all have days like that!!! The dress is looking good!

Faye Lewis said...

Wow you are super busy. Hope things can slow down just a bit for you.

Julia said...

Faye, Things will slow down one way or the other. I do it to myself so I can undo it, right? This is a female thing, isn't it? Aren't we all too busy?

Rachel said...

That dress is to die for!!! Pink and yellow is a great color combo and I especially love the collar.

Anonymous said...

cute drawing! hope things go better for you this next week!!

Marty's Little Corner said...

Sounds like a day from Hades. Hope your days improve in the coming months. Very cute dress.

Faye Lewis said...

The pasta dish was great.

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