Friday, February 13, 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

These are my favorites in issue 122 of Sew Beautiful that Lorraine sent me.  These are on pages 13, 14, 56, 64, and 68.  I will adapt my grand daughter's Easter dresses using ideas from these.  I really like the gathered inserted piece at the bottom of the first one.  I like the dress on the left of the next one best.  I have an idea for the bodice that will be different from this one, but I like the smocking below the bodice.   I like everything about the next one, but I'm not sure what I might or might not use from it.  The 4th one is so cute.  I love the hem line.  I am going to try to make a similar one.  I have an antique tablecloth that has a scalloped edge that is sort of like this, without the embroidery, but I'll do that by hand.  I'm not sure about the top.  I love the bishop style, but I'm just not sure about it on this dress.  The last one has lots of inserted, shaped lace.  Beautiful!!  I may just have to copy this pretty closely except for the type of fabric.  I have found more antique pieces to use with these dresses.  I'm not going to post them, though, because I like for the finished product to be a little bit of a surprise for the girls and their moms;  their mom's read my blog.  I actually found the prettiest piece of organza that I will probably use in two of the dresses.  I found lots of lace, too.  I love going through my antique stash.  I always find things I forgot I had and that will be perfect for the dress of the moment.

I have patterns that I can use for sizes.  I do not have any of these exact patterns, but I never go exactly by a pattern anyway.  Now, that I've spent a good part of the day deciding what I'm going to do, I hope I can get started this afternoon and sew tomorrow, Sunday afternoon, and all day Monday.
The puppet team is entertaining at our church's Valentine's Dinner tomorrow night.  We're getting together to practice in the morning, so that will take a bunch of my time, but oh well, there are other things in my life besides sewing.  I just wish that I could sit down and sew until I'm finished with all of these dresses and Little Man's outfit, which I haven't decided about for sure, yet.  His mom has told me kind of what she wants.  I just can't decide if I like the fabric I got for him.  
I'm still looking.  There is this fabric store not too far from me that has lots of fabrics of all kinds.  I went yesterday for a few minutes, but didn't have time to really look.  It used to have all the fabric just all piled up and hard to find, but they've been working on organizing all the fabrics.  It's much easier now.  The prices are fantastic!!   I'm going back soon and taking my check book.  They don't take credit or debit cards.  It's a family owned place.  They also have all kind of buttons, a whole barrel full that you buy by the coffee cup full.  Fun!  They have lots of laces, appliques, etc...  
By the way, speaking of grand kids:  I was speaking about grand kids, wasn't I?  Our 17 month old climbed out of her crib the other morning and was coming out head first.  Luckily, her mom was standing there and caught her.  She is now sleeping in her crib minus the side.  It's one of those that converts into a day bed.  She loves it.  
 Our 8 month old started crawling yesterday.  We had decided that he might be one of those babies who never crawls, that he might just get up and start walking.  He's been scooting himself all over the place.
  Our 3 year old told her mom, "You are making my heart happy."  Isn't that about the sweetest thing you've ever heard?
The oldest two girls have been having fun making Valentine cards.

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!  Hope your life is full of LOVE, HUGS, and KISSES.


Rachel said...

I used to subscribe to Sew Beautiful magazine when I did alot of smocking. It has alot of gorgeous clothing. Also, have you ever looked at "Australian Smocking and Embroidery" magazine? They are simply gorgeous and have some of the most beautiful children's clothing I have ever seen.

Back Porch Blessings said...

Hi just wanted to say thanks for allways stopping by and commenting on my blog I so enjoy hearing from all of you and I love reading all of your blogs and learn so much from each of you.
Good luck on your sewing from the magazines you got, the dresses are too cute. I just love sewing magazines but can't ever afford a subscription to them and were I live I never find any at the stores, Ugh.......
Your grandkids are so cute. They grow so fast I still cannot believe our baby is already 5.
I am so excited about my new job even though I haven't worked in forever, I think being around other women will be good for me. Anyway keep stopping by I look forward to hearing from you.
Happy V-Day..

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