Monday, February 9, 2009

The "Behinder" I Am, the "Behinder" I Get!!

Does anyone else ever feel that way?  It seems that when I get in a hurry to do something it just takes me that much longer to do what ever it is.  I guess I need to learn from this and SLOOOOWWWW  DOOOWWWNNNN!
How?..... is the question!!
This past weekend we celebrated my father-in-law's 80th birthday.  We had a huge reception at his church and a dinner for his out of town relatives and a few close friends at a junior college in our town.  My sisters-in-law and I divided up all of the jobs such as getting the tablecloths, making the punch, buying the cakes, getting the flowers, etc..... you know, all the things that go with a party like this.  One thing we all did was go through pictures and find what we could of the honoree and our family.  We framed some, and one of his daughters made a video with some.  Two of my daughters compiled a book of history, memories, photos, etc... for their Papaw!!  It was so nice.  Their Papaw was so excited!!  Our other daughter and her husband gave a donation to his church . The church is purchasing a pulpit Bible and stand with their donation.  It was supposed to be here for the weekend activities, but it didn't come.  That's ok, our church is invited to a family night supper at their church this Wednesday.  Our puppet team is entertaining. They are hoping the Bible will come by then and they can make a presentation then. (The puppet team is also entertaining at our church's Valentine's dinner on Sat.  I need something else to do!!! Right?)
I've never seen my father-in-law as excited as he was during the weekend festivities.  Only one of our daughters was able to come since they all live so far away, but one did.  She brought "Little Man"(8 mos. old) with her.  It's amazing how much he has changed since Christmas.  He was so much fun!!  I only wish we could have had the others here, too.  But, I understand why they couldn't come.
Below are the fabrics that I purchased for Easter with some of the antique linens that I may use to embellish them.  I'm trying to decide which I like for each piece of fabric.  I haven't gone through all of my antique stash, yet, so I may find something else I like better than any of these. 
What do you think?  With the exception of the lavender flowered fabric I found several things that would maybe work with each of them.  "Little Man's" won't have lace, flowers, etc... on his, so unless I can find a "manly" looking something, his won't get any antique embellishing. 

This beautiful bowl and mugs are gifts from one of our daughters and her daughters for Christmas.  They have found a place to go where they can paint all kinds of ceramic things and leave them to be fired.  The bowl has a red and green plaid design on the inside.  On the outside are the girls' handprints and fingerprints for holly leaves and berries.  Isn't that the most clever idea you've ever seen?  Our 8 year old grandaughter painted the green striped mug for me, and our 6 year old painted the other for her Grandaddy.   My daughter said that the bowl was a Christmas bowl, but I cannot bring myself to pack it away.  It may just have to be one of those Christmas items that stays out all year.  I have the perfect place for it in my kitchen in an open shelf above our stove.  Do you blame me?
Between the birthday party festivities, teaching part time (which is taking more time than I intended), tutoring 2 afternoons a week, going by to check on my Mother at the nursing home (I try to get there at meal time at least once a day to help her ea.t), puppets, a youth program at church. that I'm in charge of - Why?  I dunno!), laundry, and all the other things that a person does each day   - When am I going to get to sew?   I hope this Friday and some on Sat. and Sun.  At least, I will try to make final decisions on what I'm using and pick styles and patterns to adjust to those styles.


Rachel said...

I am loving #2 with the yellow.

Bunny said...

You have some lovely combinations here. I like them all.

Lisa H. said...

You may get "Behinder" but it sounds like you are doing some wonderful things and putting smiles on faces.I like those pretty spring fabrics.I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with them.

Angelia said...

Wonderful combinations! Get to sewing so I can see them all done!

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