Monday, February 16, 2009

Talk About Buttons!

Have you ever seen buttons like these?  I hadn't until my SIL's aunt showed them to me.  I bought a whole bag full from her.  She is very generous though so I almost got them for nothing.  She loves to see her things actually used in garments.  I've only used them on a couple of things, so far.  They are crocheted teardrops.  They have a hard roll of cotton (?)  inside them that almost looks like the end of a large q-tip.  The sizes and shades of color vary from button to button.  Some are closer to a taupe and others, barely off white.  The stitching is looser on some than others, too.  But, since I have so many, I can usually find enough close enough alike to put on a dress.  
I also like the idea of mixing them up, though.  These are on the dress that I made for our oldest grand daughter last year.  I've posted a photo of this dress before, but not of the back or close up.  I used the open spaces in the lace as buttonholes.  The bodice of this dress is made from strips of lace and some antique fabric that already had tucks.  I also wove ribbon through the lace.  I dyed all of the lace and the fabric for the bottom with tea.  I may have already told you that in the other post with this dress.  I've included a close up of the embroidery that I did on the front of the skirt.  I love to embroider by hand.  I mixed up doing shadow embroidery with regular stitches.  Note the imperfectness of the design.  I just made it up as I went.  The ribbons are not the same on each side, etc....  I like it that way.  Note, the lace medallion inserts below the embroidery.  I also got these from my SIL's aunt.   Now, on to sewing for this year's Easter.  I'm in the middle of smocking the first dress.  I love how it's turning out so far.  


Rachel said...

That dress is GORGEOUS!!! I love those buttons.

Julia said...

Rachel, I have tried to comment on your blog several times when blogger won't give me the letters to type into the box. I've had that same problem on one or two other blogs, as well.
I really appreciate your comments, especially since you have done heirloom sewing. I am pretty much a self taught heirloomist (is that a word? probably not).
Your VALENTINE is wonderful! The greatest kind of LOVE! Thanks for sharing it.

Pamela said...

I read your comment on Debbie's blog in her "giveaway" and want to thankyou for those kind words. Here in Australia 189 people have died and thousands of home's have been lost due to the horrific fires, words cannot describe how one feels having lost everything except the clothes they are wearing. I have donated so many clothes,shoes, linen and am currently making up sewing packs as I'm sure some of those ladies who have nothing would be greatful to have things to begin their "stash". I love your work and your blog, thankyou again.

Anonymous said...

That dress is so beautiful and the buttons are ingenious. I'm continually impressed by the things people can create.

Julia said...

I, too, am amazed at the creativity and talent out there. Blogging has really opened my eyes!! Thank you for your comments.

Back Porch Blessings said...

hi julia was just stopping in to say thanks for your comments and prayers you always send my way know that I am sending prayers your way also. love your blog and enjoy reading all the back post as well.

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