Thursday, February 12, 2009

Surprise in the Mail!

Imagine my surprise when I got these magazines in the mail from Lorraine in Texas!!   Thank you so much.  How sweet of you to think of me and send me these wonderful magazines.  I've had fun going through them.  I get so excited when I see all the pretty little garments in the Sew Beautiful.  I agree with Bunny at La Sewista, whose blog I read the other day, that most of the stuff in Sew Beautiful are not things that children can wear comfortably or often.  They sure make pretty Easter dresses, though.  I was going to post some photos of dresses I particularly like in the Sew Beautiful, but my camera battery died.  I'll try again tomorrow.
SCIATICA!  - I have it  -  Oh the pain!!  I went to the doctor today for a shot of cortisone.  Hope it helps!  I started yoga classes three weeks ago, (just one day a week) thinking it would help my pain, but it's just gotten worse.  I left early from school today, but that's ok; the classes were all celebrating Valentine's Day today.  The teachers have a work day tomorrow, so the kids have a day off.  Actually, they have Monday off, too.  The teachers have parent conferences.  That's one good thing about teaching part time; I don't have to go on those days!!!
I'm going to warm up my heating pad and pray that I feel like sitting at the sewing machine tomorrow.


Faye Lewis said...

MMMMMMMM great new books. Bet you will find some exciting new projects in those.

Little Sewing Alcove said...

I too have sciatic shooting pains down my right leg....ulgh...I need to get myself walking again!!!!! I need some motivation!!

Julia said...

It is hard to be motivated with pain like that from sciatica. My shot has helped some. I'm staying home all day today to give it some rest. I am going to religiously do my stretching exercises from now on. It just means getting up about 30 min. earlier, UGH!!! I inherited this and really bad feet (bunions, neuromas, and hammer toes) from my grandmother. I can't complain, though, she's the one who taught me to love sewing.

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