Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow in East Tennessee! and Easter isn't far away!!!

I am confused about something.  I posted a blog entitled "Puppets in Agape Land," and for some reason, when you go to my blog it isn't there.  It's listed in my blog archive, and when you click on it there, it comes up, but why isn't it there when you first go to my blog?  I tried to repost it, and it will post then,  but it's gone the next time I try.   

Can you believe this is Southeast Tennessee?!?   Yes, it really is real snow.  The kind of snow that sticks to the ground, covers the roads, and closes schools and just about everything else. This is the kind of snow we used to get every year, but not in forever.  Yes, I know that this snow would be nothing to all you bloggers who live north of Tennessee.  I know that you folks in Kentucky, Oklahoma, Ohio and all the other states that got the horrific ice storm last week will not understand my excitement over what's just supposed to end up being a grand total of about 2 inches.  By the way, we have really been thinking about and worrying about you down here.  Lots of my friends have relatives, especially in Kentucky, who have been affected by that storm.  
But, if you are a teacher you will understand.  As I said this is the kind of snow that closes schools.  I am officially retired after teaching 32 years, but I went back part time this year.  I only teach 3 days a week (math intervention), and I only have 6 kids at a time.  Also, I'm an hourly employee, now, so when I'm not there for whatever reason, I have to make it up.  I'm not sure how that will work out, but probably the week of TCAP testing I will go and stay all day everyday to help administer the test to kids who need one-on-one help.  The kids were sooooo excited when it was announced this morning that school was letting out at 12:30.  They were no more excited than the teachers, though. More than likely we'll be out tomorrow, too.  Yipeee!  I can maybe get started on my next project - Easter dresses for the grand daughters and a suit for "Little Man."
This is the "maybe fabric" for "Little Man."  I haven't decided for sure.  I need to go through patterns and think about this a little while.
This lavender flowered fabric is for Kellen.  She's the 8 year old.  She told me she wanted a light purple flowered fabric, so I hope this makes her happy.  Once again, I will have to look through patterns and decide how I'm going to make all of these dresses.  I also need to look through my antique linens and see what I have that will work with these fabrics.  That's so much fun!  I love to touch the things that once graced someone's table, or that someone handmade with love.  It sends a really weird, but wonderful feeling through me.
This is the piece that I think I will use for Jenna (6 years old).  She wanted a floral that is "soft red."  I'm not sure what "soft red" is, but, after spending about 4 hours at JoAnn's on Saturday, this is the closest I could come.  This is a very thin, dotted swiss type fabric.  The little tufts of thread don't show up well, but they are there.  I have a fairly good idea of what I want to make for her.  The latest Sew Beautiful   magazine has lots of little dresses that I love.  All of them do, actually, so I will be thumbing through them before I make up my mind.
Riley, the 3 year old, told me that Yellow is her FAVORITE color, and even though her mom said that it will change before Easter, I went ahead and went with yellow.  Her dress from last year was yellow (there's a photo of it in one of my earlier posts - Recycled From the Past).   It's the one with the overlay of antique sheer fabric with the shaped- lace bow inserted into the skirt of the dress.  I will make this dress very differently from that one, though.  Riley may get a smocked dress.
Emory, our 17 month old, is getting lavender dotted swiss that's just like Riley's yellow.  The color doesn't really show up very well in this picture.  It's really about the same as in Kellen's fabric.  Once again, I'm not sure how I'll make it, but some heirloom style for sure.  Actually,  all of the dresses will be heirloom styles.

Soon, I will post some photos of the photos in this book that my daughters started compiling for me.  There are lots of pictures of my grand daughters in dresses I made for them.  Wasn't this a sweet idea!?!  So far it only has pictures of the 3 oldest girls because Emory and "Little Man" weren't born yet when they gave it to me.  I know, I know it is way past time to update it.  Maybe tomorrow -  if I'm out of school!!!


Anonymous said...
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Faye Lewis said...

Thanks Julia; I agree.

Angelia said...

I hate the snow.... all it means to me is that the grocery stores were out of milk and eggs!! If I got a "snow day" I'm sure I would feel different.. like I did when I was in school...

Wow! You've got your work cut out for you with all these Easter outfits! I can't wait to see them!

Faye Lewis said...

Thank goodness Easter is in April this year - gives us some time to thaw out. I'm really enjoying your blog.

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