Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Little Man Will Be All Decked Out!!

first of all, I want to thank those of our who gave me advice on how to stop following myself. I actually tried every suggestion. When I went to the "manage" button on "dashboard" I told it to stop following my blog, and it did in that box. However, my icon is still with my group of followers. I clicked on the icon, but there is no place to click to tell it to stop following my blog in the box that comes up. Oh well, I may just follow the advice of a couple of you who told me to just keep it as it is. If I hadn't told you, you might not have noticed it was there anyway. I sure hope that whoever I deleted is not someone who will be offended!
Thanks to Gwen, Beangirl, Happy Cottage Quilter, Kirsty, Faye, Gail, Sunshine, Cindy, and Sandra. You ladies are so kind and helpful. I just wish I knew each of you in person!!!

I have Little Man all ready for Easter. Here's his shirt. I understand that Ottobre has patterns for little men. I am going to check into ordering it. Thanks for that info!

Here's a hat, that he probably won't wear with this outfit, but I thought it was cute and I had plenty of fabric. When I showed it to my husband, he said, "Now, I'm jealous of that!" So, I guess that means I need to make him one, too. I haven't sewn for him in years. I once made him a tailored suit. It was in the 70s. The jacket had a yoke of a different color. It was brown and tan. I also made him a leisure suit!!!!!! Ha! I made him a few ties, a long time ago.

I guess I should have moved all the stuff in the background before I took these pictures.

I made the binding from the tie fabric.

Here's his tie from the backside. I just use Velcro as a fastener under his collar in the back. I made this tie from a pillowcase that I had in my fabric stash. There is a blue stripe in it. I don't know how well the color is showing up in this picture.

Here's the whol outfit put together. The tie is a little too wide, I see in this picture. I can fix that without too much trouble. I made these pants based on the ones I made him for Easter last year. His mom and dad like those the best of the ones I've made him. My daughter mailed them to me so I could see how I made them. In my next post I'll show details of them.

I've got to get to the Toyota place to get my oil changed. We already took my car in to have the gas pedal fixed. Yeah, I drive one of the recalled Avalons. We've never had trouble in the 3 years we've been driving it, but it does make me a little nervous. I like this car better than any we've ever had. It's nice and roomy for our 15 hour trips up to the NE to visit our girls. I'm going to be late if I don't leave right now, and it is snowing!! I just heard on the news that it is starting to stick to the highway.
By the way, I'm listening to the news on our old tv in the basement because our 2 year old large screen upstairs decided to die on us!! We were hoping it was the cable or dvr box, but it's not!!! Of all times: Dancing With The Stars, Lost, American Idol, Project Runway, Survivor, etc.......... Argh.......................!!!!!


KID, MD said...

It's adorable!! He is going to be too cute for Easter! You are going to LOVE Ottobre! They have the best patterns for boys, and super cute things for girls as well.

~~louise~~ said...

What a "dapper" little boy he's going to be in that outfit!!! My gosh, Julia, your talent is truly amazing!!!

gwensews said...

Oh, how handsome Little Man wil be in that totally cute outfit! I can see why your DH wants you to make him a hat. It's priceless!

ittybittyandpretty said...

the outfit is wonderful! they will all looks so gorgeous all dressed up together.


Jackie said...

That tailored shirt (and the rest of the outfit) are wonderful!

You must make your husband a hat!

We have a Toyota Sienna which is not one of the recalled models. We've been really happy with it. Next year we're going to buy another car and we'll have to think about it before we purchase again. I'm glad to hear that you were able to get your warranty work done.

mickey said...

Love the outfit- the hat is too precious! I'm so glad I have my new grandson to sew stuff for-- mine are too big to let me dress 'em up!

Michelle said...

What a fantastic outfit! He will look awesome on Easter.

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