Friday, March 19, 2010

Fat Fighting Friday Week 4 "Fessin' Up" "Sinning At Church"

Okay, so it's week 4 of this trying to get healthy stuff!!! I did fine while visiting with our daughters. On the way up (15 hour drive) we stopped for breakfast, and I ordered this decadent blueberry biscuit thing. Oh my it was good! However, for the rest of the day we didn't even stop except to pee and get gas. We had packed food to eat in the car. We took fruit, nuts, a couple of sandwiches, etc.... Everything was healthy. We actually had left early enough that we got to eat a late dinner at our daughter's house. Last week I wrote that my daughters cook healthy foods, well, their husbands do, too. That first night we had a very healthy and tasty pasta dish that our son-in-law fixed. We ate healthy foods all that week. Our other son-in-law is a great breakfast cooking guru! I will have to say that his biscuits were yummy and probably not so healthy, but at least we didn't smother them in gravy like we do down here in the South!!!
On the way home is when all the healthy stuff went out the window!!! We ate fast food all the way home!!!
My biggest downfall this week, though, was at church. My church hosted a Lenten Luncheon that several churches come together for each Wednesday during Lent. I fixed bean with bacon soup, which I must say was delicious, but not healthy at all with all that bacon (a pound and a half for the two recipes that I made). I also made these tarts that had graham cracker crusts filled with this Eagle Brand Milk, Cool Whip, and lime juice filling!! I topped them with blueberry pie filling!! Oh my, they were good. The thing is, though, that we had about 10 kinds of soups, at least that many types of sandwiches, and probably 20 different deserts. I "got" to help serve the deserts!!! Well, after looking at them while everyone else went through the line I decided that I had to taste the lemon squares, the apple cake, the sugar cookies, and well, let's just say, a couple of others, too. Then, that afternoon, the nursing home had a St. Patrick's Day party, which really was just eating cake and drinking soft drinks. My mom ate one bite of her cake and didn't want anymore, so I couldn't just throw it away!!! No siree-bob, I had to eat it for her, so that it wouldn't go to waste! It just went to my waist instead! Ha! Then, that evening we had our regular weekly family supper at church. The lady who provided the food had made this yummy spaghetti like pasta dish and Rice Crispie treats. I don't even like RC treats, but I had to eat one since she had gone to all the trouble to make them and even decorate them each with a piped shamrock.
Yesterday, I did much better. We did take leftover bean with bacon soup and leftover tarts to my in-laws, but we ate with them!
I have gotten some, but not much, exercise this week!
However, when I got on the scales a little while ago, they read 1_5.5, which is only one pound more that 2 weeks ago, so "WHEW" I feel pretty good.
Now, I'm getting ready to go eat lunch with two friends. I hope I will order a salad, or something equally healthy, but I haven't seen the menu, yet!
Then, we are going to a quilt show so I will be walking some this afternoon, at least!


Kim said...

you could not have done too poorly if you are still down in weight :) I think sometimes life just makes things difficult for us and we have to accept it- have a bit of fun and start anew afterwards ♥ Good luck this week Julia- hope you have fun at lunch and there is something tasty and healthy on that menu for you!

gwensews said...

Julia, you diet just like I do!

ShirleyC said...

I feel your pain. We have been on the WW plan since Jan. 5. My DH always loses very fast. He has lost more than double what I have, and I really haven't cheated. You are allowed 35 extra points a week, but we have only used a part of those maybe twice.
Now I'm about to leave on a sewing trip for 3 days, and as soon as I come back from that we are leaving on a cruise, and I know one thing. I won't try to just "stuff" myself, but I'm going to enjoy some high calorie food on that ship. Why does everything that taste really good have to have so many calories?

Goosegirl said...

Julia, I LOVE YOU! You make me laugh! But I applaud your effort. I need to get back on the bandwagon and be a good girl. Summer is coming and I want to wear cute dresses. But I had to laugh about the rice crispy treats. I have not had one in many years, and wouldn't you know it? I had one yesterday!! And it was so yummy!! So, back to being, or trying to be, a good girl for me.
Have a great day my friend.

Angelia said...

I have recently been on a health kick/weight loss quest. Its hard but I don't have the temptations you do!!!! I crave extra rolls of sushi... and love pita chips and hummus..
keep trying don't give up. I thank God everyday for a healthy body and mind!

Jackie said...

Church pot lucks are really hard to resist. There is always so much good food there.

You're doing great! There are those times where it's ok to veer off a little. It's how long you stay off your healthy eating pattern that makes the difference long term. You're back on track and all will be well.

Sue said...

You still need to live your life and these things will confront you. You could be a martyr and walk away but someone had made an effort, it is fabulous home-cooked food (made with love), enjoy, move on and remember you are in for the long haul (sorry!)

little dresses said...

I've been working hard at this lately too. You should check this post out It gave me a little extra motivation when I felt like quitting!

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