Friday, March 26, 2010

Fat Fighting Friday Week 5, Sort of................

Today is Friday, my husband tells me! I had to ask! What a week!!!! I do not post this so that you guys and gals will think, "Oh this poor lady, what a lot she has on her plate." We all have a lot on our plates these days!!! I don't know how some of you ladies and gents do all that you do. Instead, I post this to make excuses for not really thinking about my FFFriday program that I am supposed to be following!!! Be sure to check out these blogs, though. These ladies are blogging on Thursdays about their progress with their getting healthy programs: flowerkim and sunshine.

I just realized that I have 100 followers, now!!!! I cannot imagine that many people reading my ramblings!!! Please bear with me while I try to think of a good giveaway to celebrate this milestone. I have an idea..... hum.........?

Sunday - My sister came to stay till Thursday. She comes about every 4 to 6 weeks mostly to visit with our mom. Her health is really bad. She has COPD and is on oxygen all the time now.

Monday - I had a meeting of the committee for the wearable arts show that is to be in November. You'll hear more about this soon.
-I had lunch with my committee friends.
-My sister called to tell me that Mother wouldn't wake up. She wanted to know what to do. I went to check on her. They had given her meds the night before to calm her down. She gets very agitated sometimes. The meds make her sleep for several days sometimes.
-My Mother has it in her head that she is in a GARDEN CLUB and that she is responsible for the food. We've been playing along, but the day is coming this Thursday, and she is really expecting this meeting to happen! What to do!?!
- We went to a program at church about Scottish music (I hear it was really good - that's when we got the call about my Mother-in-law's fall)
- My mother-in-law fell and broke her hip
-I got home from the hospital at 1:00 am. My husband stayed at the hospital. I brought my father-in-law home.

Tuesday - I took my father-in-law back to the hospital early.
- I had a doctor's appointment. My doctor is in the same town as the hospital, just down the road!!!
- I HAD LOST 5 POUNDS SINCE MY LAST VISIT TO HIM!!!! YEA!!! He was proud of me. My cholesterol was slightly high the last time, so he had them take more blood. I haven't heard from that test yet. I am praying that it is lower this time. This is all I'm going to say about FFFriday this week!!! There was too much other stuff going on for me to really even think about it!!!
-My mother-in-law had surgery on her hip. The break was just below the joint. They put a plate along the side of her femur and put a long screw through it into the ball. They secured the bottom part of the plate with 3 more screws. The doctor was pleased with how the surgery went.
-My sister-in-law came to stay the night with her mom. We brought my father-in-law home.
-I didn't go to the arts' council board meeting.
- We sat up late visiting with my sister, talking about the state of the world, etc.... It's a shame that the politicians don't just listen to us. All of the world's problems would be solved!!!!!

Wednesday - My husband got up very early to take his dad back to the hospital. He came home after a while and went back later to bring him home.
- Another sister-in-law came to stay for a couple of nights.
- I started the reorganization of my sewing room. (see last post)
-My sister said Mother was having a great day!!!!
- I kept my regular lunch date with my friend, who by the way, brought us a meal last night!!!!
- We had our regular Wednesday night goings-on at church. I didn't get to practice with the puppet team because it was committee night and my older puppeteers are on a committee. We are going to have a huge event for Earth Day, and they are on the committee that is planning it. (Oh yeah, I'm organizing a used book sale for Earth Day. I boxed up a bunch of my books, made signs, and found boxes to use for this project.)
- We had choir practice. We are doing a cantata on Easter Sunday. We went through the whole thing twice!!!
-My husband's committee had some heated discussion about the budget and hiring of a new pastor, etc.... I'm glad I'm not on that committee. It really gets to my husband!
- There was more world saving going on late into the night at our house!!

Thursday - My husband took his dad back to the hospital again. He had a doctor's appointment with the same doctor I had mine with on Tuesday. He had lost, I think he said, 15 pounds! The doctor says that if he keeps on losing he won't need blood pressure or cholesterol meds much longer!!!!
-Plans are under way to bring my mother-in-law to the same nursing home where my mother is!
- I worked in my sewing room again. I am not TEETOTALLY finished, but almost.
- My sister left after going to feed Mother her lunch. Mother was sleeping too deeply to feed her, though.
- My husband had to work this afternoon. He went back to get his dad after work.
- I went to feed Mother her dinner, which she didn't eat. She was very confused. Oh yeah, we told her that the GARDEN CLUB meeting was postponed due to the rain that we had today. She accepted that! Whew! She still thinks that she is responsible for the food whenever it is rescheduled though. I've been talking to the activities director about this. We are going to stage a meeting, I think.
- There was a reception to meet and greet the staff, etc... at the nursing home. The "new" medical director, whose been there since August, was introduced, along with new nursing directors. I didn't know there was a new one. Apparently, they hired her while we were out of town.
- Mother became very agitated that I was gone to the reception so long. She was VERY upset when I went back down to her room. She calmed down after a while, though.
- There was no world saving this night since my sister was gone, so I just watched Project Runway!

Friday - The phone rang early. It was my sister-in-law telling us that their mom is running a temp of 101 this morning. I don't know if they'll bring her to the nursing home if she's running a fever. If they do, though, she should be here this afternoon. She will be in the room next door to my mom!!!!
-So far, the only thing I've done today is drink a cup of coffee, check on my facebook, email, and blog. And..... of course, post this post
- My husband is cooking our dinner. He's making a roast to go in the crock pot! Yummy!
- There's a concert that is sponsored by our arts' council tonight. I probably won't go.

Tomorrow - I'll worry about tomorrow when tomorrow gets here. I've been emailing and phoning some of our hs class members this week. We are trying to plan our 40th reunion. I may go have lunch with some of my old girl friends tomorrow to discuss decorations. I hope I can, since I haven't seen them in years. But, we'll just have to see!


Kim said...

Julia- Hooray for you and your hubby both! Lower weight can help solve so many health problems- and I bet it helps your energy with that full schedule too! You are both doing so well! I hope they are able to move your MIL soon and that she starts to feel better soon also. ♥

Marydon Ford said...

WHEEEEWW! Julie ... you've had a week. Hope everything is settling down for you now. Keep up the good work, you'll feel so proud of yourself.

Happy Easter!
Have a wonderful weekend.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

KID, MD said...

Wow, busy week. Congrats on your weight loss! Great job!

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

Your week sounds like mine. Ain't it fun?

Next time you have this garden party issue with your mother, tell her she slept through it.

GREAT JOB on the weight loss

Jackie said...

I'm *exhausted* just reading about your week! I hope it settles down soon.

Sher said...

Hang in there. God only gives us what we can handle ;)

Hope everyone is back to being healthy very soon. And have a great time with old friends this weekend :)

dikisdersi said...

You've had a busy week, mom was really upset, I'm praying with you

Aminat said...

Oh my, what a busy week...and congratulations on he weight loss, I am still working on mine,I am 2lighter now and hope to shed more . Have a great weekend

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