Friday, March 5, 2010

Fat Fighting Friday! Not Much Progress - Week 2

I only lost 1/2 of a pound this week, (1_74 1/2, now)(I always love it when I pass by a 5 or O number!) BUT I didn't gain any! I think that's pretty awesome, since I really didn't get in much exercise this week. I don't have any great excuses. I'll list the ones I do have, though.
1. My sciatica was acting up over the weekend and the first of the week. It's all better now. I did my stretching exercises on the days it was bothering me.
2. I was busy with meetings of the arts council board.
3. I was busy finding music for a puppet production to do on Earth Day at our church. Do you know how long it takes to get on line and find music when you have no idea what you are looking for? I found some great songs on itunes, though.
4. I was busy taking my car to have the oil changed and recall stuff done.
5. I was busy going to feed my mom.
6. I was busy going to meetings at church about our Earth Day event.
7. I was busy on Wed. going to church for our regular Wed. night fun night, puppet practice, and choir practice. We are getting ready for our Easter Cantata.
8. I was busy going through my closet. I found a few pairs of pants that I can wear that I didn't think I could. Have I told you that over the past year I have very slowly and gradually lost about 10 pounds without really trying? I hadn't tried these pants on this year.
9. I was busy going through my mom's clothes. Since she just sits in her chair or lays in her bed, she has changed shape. Some of her clothes are binding around her waist. I'm taking some of her stuff to a charity, some to my mother-in-law, and some for other residents of the nursing home. The ones pictured below are some of her pants I'm saving to use as fabric. She has lots of clothes!!!!

10. I was busy buying new clothes to fit my mother-in-law. She needed some more comfy elastic waisted knit pants, a bra, some tops, etc....
11. I was busy reading your blogs, so really it's YOUR FAULT!!! LOL!!! I wish I could blame someone else!!
11. I'm sure if I tried I could come up with lots more excuses, but I won't. Most of these are things I do every week anyway, so they are just excuses not good reasons for not fitting in the exercise except for no. 1.
The clip art pictures above show you some of the things I have been eating. I love oatmeal. I've been adding a little honey and cinnamon to sweeten it. Yum.
I have also been eating bananas and peanut butter, whole grain (little) bagels with pb and honey.
We only buy whole grain bread. If we toast it, we've been using a little olive oil and garlic powder to flavor it.
When we just have to have an evening snack we've been having popcorn. We get the kind with no butter or salt added. Of course, I add salt. I learned that if you spray the popcorn with PAM the salt will stick. My husband is better than I am; he never adds salt to anything.
One night this week, he cooked some whole wheat pasta and his own marinara sauce. It was yummy and very filling.
So, this week, I hope to do better. My back is feeling all better, so at least for today, I have no excuses for not exercising.


Kim said...

Technically Julia- running around and doing errands is exercise- so you did get exercise-just not time devoted solely to excercise. HOORAY for loss!!! I just read somewhere that using olive oil instead of butter or margarine helps you lose weight- wish I could remember where I saw that! Wonder if it's true? Good luck next week! Sounds like you have the healthy eating part down excellent this last week :)

Cheryl said...

I don't think I could eat popcorn without salt!

gwensews said...

I've been on the weight-loss roller-coaster since I was 12 years old. I've done all the diets. I've been going to Weight Watchers on and off since 1972. You'd think I'd learn to shut my mouth by now!

sunshine said...

Congratulations on the loss. As you say, at least you didn't gain!
Some weeks are going to be easier than others. I had a pretty good week last.. but this one.. isn't going as well so far.

Good luck in this up coming week!!! All the best.

Jeannie B. said...

Julia, It is hard to believe anyone could do all that in one week!!! How can you?

Also, losing 10 lbs and not even trying? You must live a good life!!!

Flamingo K said...

wow, you surely had a packed week. Isn't it great ;) We started eating more whole grains, too. My husband has been quite the leader in this healthier eating thing...he's forever reading the labels on everything. He's now started bringing home low calorie, low fat, low salt snacks he's been finding at Meijers. They aren't bad, and he's been losing alot of, not so much, but I'm eating way less fats and such. Congrats on your loss. It all adds up....

Sue said...

All progress is good progress. You hve done well to fit into the pants! It certainly sounds like a busy week. Don't beat yuorself up with what you didn't do. You did great with the time you had and you ate well! Plan some exercise for next week and be happy with the changes that you are making in your lifestyle!
Love that quilt you scored (in the next post)!

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