Sunday, April 26, 2009

Little Cousin's Dress, So Far

My friend really liked Riley's Easter dress and wants her grand daughter's dress to be similar.

Do you remember the trim that I used for Riley's Easter dress?  I made it from the fabric that had the embroidered flowers on it that I also used for Emory's Easter dress.  
I cut strips of the embroidered flowers for Riley's.  I don't have any of the flowered strips left, but this open heirloom stitched design ran between the rows of flowers, so I.......
zigzag stitched very narrow, yellow, grosgrain ribbon on both sides of the heirloom stitching.  Then........
I stitched down the center in green using the antique quilt stitch number 39 from my Pfaff.  Next......
I stitched over the green stitching in pink with the decorative stitch number 40.  I thought this made it look kind of like a vine of flowers running up the center.  (I have plans for the rest of these strips of organza for an outfit for Kellen for her birthday. I don't believe in wasting any of this precious fabric.)  Finally, so far, anyway .......

I stitched the new trim to the bottom front of the tea towel, and I made the cuffs for the sleeves from the trim, as well.  It will also embellish the skirt.  Since the little recipient of this dress is not quite one year old yet, I adjusted the size of the tea towel to fit.  Otherwise, it would have extended over the tops of the sleeves and would have come halfway down the length of the dress.  I love this yellow eyelet that I'm using since there was no more of the fabric that I used for Riley's.
This little dress is to coordinate with the little green and yellow boys outfit from my last post.  The wearers are cousins.
I'd better get to the machine to finish.  I hope to take these to my friend tomorrow.  


FBeenz said...

Just Beautiful!

Rachel said...

That is just a masterpiece. You do such fantastic detailed work. I always love seeing your clothing.

gwensews said...

There you go again! I like how you made trim, using the decorative stitches on your machine. It's time consuming, I know, but well worth it. Lovely.

Aminat said...

You are so talented, that is simply beautiful. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Have a nice week

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