Saturday, April 18, 2009

Aprons and new patterns

These are the three aprons that I made for  three of my friends who are always doing such special things for me.
 One of my friends gave me fabric from her mother's stash after she died.  This first apron is made from a piece that was in that gift.  It is polished cotton, and I thought it was perfect for a vintage style apron.  I think my friend will enjoy having an apron from fabric that was once her Mother's.

The next two aprons are from cottons that I had in my stash.  The first is left from Kellen's Easter dress from a couple of years ago. I used the binding for a tie on this one rather than fabric as the pattern shows.  This is for the friend who makes the best cookies in the world.  She makes cookie bouquets, etc... She brought me a huge flower shaped cookie just the other day.  I was worse than a little kid.  I couldn't wait to eat it.  YUM!!!
The other, well, I don't remember where I got this one.  This is for my friend who makes such beautiful quilts.  She has had breast cancer and now is diabetic.  I'll never forget the day she walked in my class room with a hand full of her hair with tears in her eyes.  She is the most generous person I know.  She is also an avid gardner and puts up veggies all summer long.  On this one I made a big pocket that goes all the way across and stitched it to make three sections.  I also did not put the darts in this one. I did not make the top yoke piece as large on this one either.
This pattern is "one size fits all."  Ballooie - I am a size 14 usually, not that big, right?  It fit me, but it couldn't have been smaller.  The ties at the neck were supposed to cross over and velcro to the opposite side near the sash.  Whatever,  no way would that happen.  So, I will suggest that my friends just tie it at the neck.
I still have one more friend to make an apron for .  Her birthday is in June so I have time.

These are some patterns that I bought at JoAnn's last Saturday.  The Simplicity ones were just $.99.  I bought several boy patterns.  Since we only have the one little grand son, I haven't bought lots for boys, but I will from now on.  I needed some ideas for my friend's grandson, too.  I am going to use the Simplicity 3852 on the far right and the Butterick 6894 on the top combined for him.  His grandmom wants his shirt to be a onesy.  The Simplicity pattern actually has a bubble suit like shirt.  I'm going to adapt that and use techniques from Little Man's Easter shirt to make it into a onesy.  She also wants him to have shorts and a vest.

Notice I bought one adult sized pattern, a simple wrap dress, for me.  We'll see how and when that gets done.  The others are just really cute little girl things.  You can see a sneak peek of the fabrics that I bought for Kellen's and Little Man's outfits for their birthdays at the top right of the girls' pattern picture.


Rachel said...

Very pretty aprons. I have an apron pattern I bought awhile back that I am planning to make.

gwensews said...

LOVE the aprons! Your friends are lucky recepients. Isn't pattern buying fun? So many dreams! I know you'll make beautiful things with them, as always.

Jazzy Jemz said...

I love pattern buying! Soo much to sew, sew little time! One size fits all , never fits all. Very cute aprons!

Jackie said...

Those are all great patterns and your aprons look so pretty! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Faye Lewis said...

Love your apron!

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