Thursday, April 9, 2009

"The Friend I Hate to Love"

Do you have a friend you count on when you need help, but it grates on your ever lasting nerve to NEED that friend?   I do.

"The Friend I Hate to Love"

I have a little friend, 
Who comes to my rescue.
No matter how badly I've messed up,
He's there to help me undo.

I would like to never need him,
But I find that on him I lean,
Whenever there is a problem
With my stitching and my seams.

This friend of mine is very sharp
And can actually cause me pain.
I hate to love and need this little guy,
But sometimes he's all that keeps me sane.

This little guy is my seam ripper.
He snips my messed up stitches.
Every one that I sew wrongly
He undoes so I can make fixes.

Okay, okay, I know this is corny, but I have a love/hate relationship with this little tool.  I'm glad I've got him, but I wish I didn't NEED him, but I DO!
I got the dress made for the 8th grader for her play except for the hem.  I got the pillowcase made for my cousin's DW.  I got the aprons cut out (3 of them).  I went back and bought enough fabric for the baby slings.  I took off today and sewed and I plan to sew all day tomorrow and most of the day on Saturday.  There's to be an egg hunt on Sat. morning at the nursing home where my mom is, so I'll go to that to be with her.  I think my DH and I might go to the big city(Knoxville) tomorrow night so I can go to JoAnn's for fabric for my friend's grandchildren's coordinating outfits.  We may do a little shopping for ME and out to eat.  Exciting.  We're supposed to have NASTY weather tomorrow.  Today was gorgeous.  My DH mowed for the 2nd time.


knitmachinequeen said...

Your poems crack me up! I don't think I even own a seam ripper. I never need one...okay that was a lie. I actually use my applique scissors. Yesterday they got quite a workout. I had to take the sleeves out of a jacket four times before I was eventually satisfied!

Omega said...

I actually call mine a sewers best friend.d It will undo all the wrong I do! It does get a workout sometimes.

Sewfast said...

I loooove your lil' poems!

Jazzy Jemz said...

Although I never thought of the seam ripper as my friend- I hear you loud and clear with that love/hate relationship.

gwensews said...

Love your poem--Ode to Mr. Ripper! Boy, and isn't that the truth? Have a great day out. Hope you find lots of sewing goodies!

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