Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dedication To The Ones I'm Leaving Behind

I have a couple of teacher friends who have been reading my blog.  I'm surprised anyone other than a sewist would find anything remotely interesting here, but I'm flattered, and I thought I would dedicate this post to them.
Both of these ladies are very special to me for many reasons, but the main one  is because they were both there to help one of my daughters when she really needed it.  I truly believe without a doubt that God put them in my DDs life for specific reasons.  

These two ladies are very special for other reasons, too, but when it comes to someone special in your child's life - well, you know how it is when this happens.  I feel this way toward others who were special in all of my girls' lives.  

As I wrote about already, tomorrow is my last day teaching, ever.  Well, at least it's my last day in a public school setting.  I hope the sewing classes will work out.
I know that many of you sewists are also teachers so I wrote this little poem as a goodbye and in honor of these two special ladies, other teachers at my school, and for all you bloggers who are also teachers.

                "A Shout Out to Teachers"

From deep down in my heart, this poem sends
A shout-out to my dear teacher friends.
You are so loving, compassionate, and kind,
Even when the @#$% paper work gets you so behind.

What happened to the days of the 3Rs to teach,
When parents were behind you and were easy to reach?
It seems that every single year, or should I say "day," 
Brings on more and more responsibility your way.

You are held accountable for your students' well-being,
From what clothes they wear to what they are eating.
It doesn't matter what their IQ happens to be,
Their scores should be high for all to see.

I missed you and the kids when I left before,
But when I returned I found I needed more.
The time has come for me to pursue a new path.
No more teaching of reading, writing, or math.

I will think of you as your work load is growing
While I'm at home reading, painting, blogging, and sewing.
I'll think of you in your times of stress
While I'm choosing a pattern for a new dress.

I'll be back for visits. Now, this will sound rude,
But be sure to call me when there's going to be food.
I'd love to be there when you have special lunches
Food or not, I will miss you bunches and bunches.


Jazzy Jemz said...

The new background is cute!

I hope those ladies read this blog and see the kind words you have written! It truly is the few special people in your lives that can help support you through some tough times. Im glad these ladies touched your DDs life!

Cindy said...

I think the most important thing we can do for the people around us is to tell them how much they mean to us. You've done a beautiful job in this post.

Having good teachers are so important to the development of children. My son has had 4 bad teachers in the 6 years he's been attending. He struggles everyday because he wasn't taught the basic skills early. I mean bad by not wanting to teach anymore half way through the school year. 3 of them no longer teach. My daughter has had 4 wonderful teachers which means she thrives in school. She brought home a perfect report card a couple of days ago.

Oh and by the way - I got the book today. It's good but has a lot of filler info in it. You'll see what I mean when you get yours. Still think you will get some information out of it to start your new business.

gwensews said...

I am sure that people feel the same way about you, and you have no doubt made an impact on some chidren's lives.

Good luck, and enjoy your retirement.

Faye Lewis said...

That was so sweet!

Faye Lewis said...

Like I said in my early comment "you are sooooo sweet". Thank you!

quer|elastisch Sabine Sprotte said...

These special people are so important to our lives. It was a bit hard work for me to read this rather long post. But is was worth it.

Reminds me to some "roots" in several ways. Good to be reminded to them every day: acting with humaneness each day to every person and also some memories came up. (I had a very bad childhood and I don't know what would have happend, if there weren't some beings ...)

Julia, your visitors are not only sewists. ***smile*** I would love to paint and write again, but day's just to short. So, I'm glad to see you doing all these things. And talking about it.

And finally I was so suprised, that you retire yet. Is it general, that teachers retire that soon in the States?

And do you really plan a new business, like Cindy worte?

Wishing you a great fare-well-party today!

Meg said...

Hey Julia, how was your last day?

I was so sad to hear you were retiring, because I think there should be more people like you teaching! I am sure you have had a huge impact on your kids lives! Dont' forget that... I often think of the many teachers who influenced my life!

But I really wish you all the best in this new chapter of your life!

Angelia said...

Good teachers are soooo important and there's not enough of them.
I know 2 girls going into the education field for the wrong reasons... like you get summer off... its really kinda sad.

I remember when my opinion of school completely changed and the teacher that changed it... for the worse. I never liked school after the 4th grade.

Your DD is truly lucky to have had these ladies touch her life.
A really sweet post!

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