Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I couldn't help but take this picture of the sky the other day.  It had been in the 80s that day.  I had on No jacket.  Today it was in the 30s, and there was a dusting of snow.  These beautiful clouds just made me feel good.  I used to have my students read a story titled C.L.O.U.D.S.   It was about the sky designer for NY City.  He was sad that no one looked at his designs because of the tall buildings.  Then, one day a little girl looked up and, of course, the story goes that everyone started noticing his beautiful work.  He did so well that his boss wanted to send him to some tropical place where he could design even more beautiful skies, but he didn't want to go.  I was one of those kids who would lay in the grass and try to figure out what I SAW in the clouds.  I still do that.  I always had my students design a beautiful sky.   HOW RANDOM WAS THIS?

This is a dress that I made when my daughter got married.  Her DH's little cousin wore it.  She passed out the programs.  It coordinated with the flower girls dresses that I made for my grand daughters.  You may remember them from my post about my portfolio.  It was probably in January.  (I can't figure out how to link back to one of my own posts.)   Kellen's had diagonal tucks and pearls on the bodice.  Her sash was embroidered with ribbon.  Jenna's dress was smocked and had little pink bows sewn in with the smocking.  This dress is embroidered as you can see.  The bow is appliqued by hand.  The flower pattern was random, as most of my embroidery is.  You can see that the collar and sleeve cuffs are also embroidered.  There is piping around the collar.  Peeking out at the neck of this close up photo is the half slip that I made for her.  The skirt is pleated.  The fabric is batiste.  I purchased it at this awesome fabric store in Gastonia, NC.  It is huge.  My DD's MIL took me there.  She lives nearby.  I cannot think of the name of the store, but I know it is a girl's name.  
I decide to edit this and add one of the photos of my grand daughters in their dresses, too.  This is a photo of a photo so the quality isn't very good.

I hope none of your mind the total hodgepodginess  (What a word!)of this post.  I have projects in the works, but none finished to show yet.  I'm off the rest of the week, so I hope to get a  LOT done!!!!


window dressing said...

The book looks very proffessional! I can just close my eyes and see it in color. Never say never. Even if you get a rejection letter just keep resubmitting to different publishers until someone somewhere takes notice. Some of the best children's litterature throughout history have been rejected one time or another and the authors never gave up.
Btw, the dress is fantastic. Love the material and the embroidery. I hope that this isn't a naive question but is the embroidery done by hand? If so, does it take long to do?

gwensews said...

Your work, as always, is just beautiful. So are your grandchildren. I hope you get your book published. That would be awesome!

I've looked at clouds from both sides now,
From up and down, and still somehow
It's cloud illusions i recall.
I really don't know clouds at all.
(song by Joni Mitchel)

Jazzy Jemz said...

Those dresses look beautiful!

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