Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Few More Projects Marked Off

Basket liners for a wedding - 

How do you photograph basket liners without the baskets?  I used my couch cushions.  They don't look great this way, but without the baskets it's the best I could do.
The only instruction my friend gave me was to use white fabric.  What says "Spring Outdoor Wedding" more than white cotton eyelet?  In my mind, nothing.  It just so happened that I had a bunch of white eyelet in my stash closet.  What grandmother who sews for little grand daughters wouldn't have white eyelet?    As you can see her liners were very different.  One had a gathered ruffle around the top edge, and the  other didn't.  I decided to make a pleated ruffle and edge it with white grosgrain ribbon, which, of course, I already had.  I thought they would look better if they both had the ruffle so they would match.  I just stitched the ruffles around the inside of the top edge of both liners.  The lining I used was from the bolt I bought before I started Easter dresses for slips and linings.   One of her baskets must have handles on two sides because there were ties on the ruffled one.  I made my ties from the ribbon.  I'm anxious to see how these look in the baskets.  I wish I had asked her to bring me the baskets instead of just the liners, but surely they will work.  I'll take them to her tomorrow.

Easter purses - 
I did get the other little purses made for Kellen, Jenna, and Riley.  I'll get them in the mail tomorrow so they can carry them on Easter Sunday.  
Kellen's the lavender flowered to match her dress.  I made a flat purse with a braided ribbon strap.  To keep it from hanging funny when she carries it I sewed a piece of belting that I had on the inside across the top where the flap folds over.  I had purple plastic rings that I braided into the strap.  Just a little something different.
Jenna's is the drawstring purse.  I lined hers, as well as the others with the same canvas lining that I used on Emory's.  It just gives them more body.  The drawstring is the same red ribbon from the trim on her dress. I embellished it with little red bows.
Riley's is more like a little basket than a purse, but I think she'll like it.  I made a pleated ruffle to go around the top edge.  I trimmed it with the same pinkish ribbon that I used on her dress.  The handle is made from the same belting I used in Kellen's.  I just covered it with the fabric and ribbon.  It looks kind of cockeyed here, but it really isn't.  I promise!

Labels for Mother's socks, etc... - 
This wasn't on my list of things to do, but it is something I've been needing to do for a long time. 
 When Mother was in the nursing home in Knoxville, they had a label maker that made iron on labels.  They labeled everything. 
 The nursing home here doesn't have one.  It's easy to just write her name on the label in pants, etc.... , but fuzzy stuff isn't so easy.  
So, I looked, and I found a label maker at Walmart that will make fabric labels, but they didn't have the tape.  They only had the paper and plastic. 
 I went back to the fabric and crafts section and looked for the iron on labels that you put in your kids clothes when they are going to camp.  No luck!  
Then I spied the patches that you iron in your kids' pants to patch up rips or that reinforce the knees, etc..  They had tan ones.  I bought those, cut them in small rectangles, ironed them on, and wrote Mother's name in permanent marker.
UHHHH, be careful if you do this.  I ,uhhh,  didn't pay attention, not once, but twice, and layed the label wrong side up and, uhhhh, put my hot iron down on the sticky side.    Duuuuhhhhh!!  I was in a hurry.  This just made it take longer.  I don't think I'll do that again.  
I think I'll go buy that label maker.  Surely I can find the fabric tape at another Walmart or order it through the company (I can't remember the name brand).  I think the label maker would come in handy for lots of things besides just Mother's socks.  All those little containers for buttons, etc....
Next is my cousin's pillow case.  I should be able to get it done this afternoon in a few minutes. 

Then the baby slings.  I bought 3 fabrics for this.  I couldn't decide which I liked best.  I was getting ready to start and realized that I was supposed to buy 2 1/4 yards and I only bought 1 1/4 yards.  Dumb, dumb, dumb!!!  What is wrong with me?  I need to start thinking better.  Oh well, I got the fabric at Walmart here in town and can go get more when I go to help Mother eat tonight.  It's really close to her nursing home.

One project I forgot to put on my list is to make aprons for two of my friends who are ALWAYS doing nice things for me!!  One of them is a quilter who also gardens, cans, freezes veggies, etc... all summer long. She made me a really neat orange and white quilted throw that has a football looking pattern.  She knows what a University of Tennessee fan I am.  She's always buying me pens with orange ink. (I grade with orange ink!)  She even got me a UT bathrobe once, just because she saw it and thought of me.   
The other makes the most delicious and beautiful cookies and cakes.  She has brought me cookies for special occasions like this year for Valentine's Day. 
Now that I think about it. My friend, Mary, who used to always beat me in the 4H sewing competitions, just got back from a visit to France.  She brought me an early birthday gift (not till May). She got me a fabric tray and a lilac scented sachet that she bought in a shop she said reminded her of me because of the bolts and bolts of fabric.  The lady shopkeeper was sitting there sewing all the things she sells, children's clothing, etc....   So, maybe Mary needs an apron, or something, too.   


Sewfast said...

Wow, you have been busy and sounds like you have more things in line to do! Do you ever sleep? :)

Mom2fur said...

So many cute projects! I like the yellow purse the best--it looks like a little Easter basket. You are very talented!

gwensews said...

Yes, as the other commenters--you are so talented! And, you are a jewel of a person to do all this sewing for other people- your grandchilden, friends and family. How kind and thoughtful of you.

I love the idea of orange ink! I don't know that I've ever seen orange ink. I use purple most of the time. I'll have to be on the lookout for orange.

Aminat said...

Wao, you got lots of cute projects going on and it all shows how talented you are and a very busy woman . Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, really appreciate it. Have a lovely week

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