Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I decided to make a fall dress for Kellen. Since she's the oldest, when she outgrows something there's nothing handed down for her to wear like there is for the younger girls. Her mom told me that she only has one dressy dress that still fits right now. This isn't real dressy , but she can wear it to church or school. I had this batik fabric in these pretty fall colors already. I bought a few bigger girl patterns the other day. I decided to use this Hannah Montana design from Simplicity 3514. I made it from view A, the blue dress in the upper right hand corner.

As you can see the finished dress doesn't look a whole lot like the pattern. After I finished I decided that the neckline was way too big for a 9 year old to wear comfortably, so I used crisscrossed ribbon to raise the front. I also added two little rosettes on either side of the front neckline. This was because I cut a hole in the fabric when I was trimming the ribbon!!! I also added belt loops and a ribbon belt. Kellen may want to tie it in the back or wear it without the belt at all. The belt loops are small and made from the same fabric so they won't show much. I also made long sleeves since she lives in the NE where the weather is already pretty cool. I made French seams everywhere, except on the sleeve, where I used bias binding made from this same fabric.

I forgot to give credit to the McCall's for the patterns that I used on the blue and brown striped outfit. I also used these patterns as a basis for the pink "suede and lamb's wool" outfit.

I used McCall's 5170 for the jacket and the vest. I used McCall's 5169 for the skirts.
Next, I have a skirt cut out for Riley that will be quick to make. I also want to make a little something for Little Man.
I have been commissioned to make a set of dress-up clothes for a little girl as a Christmas gift. I also have a Pocahontas dress and jumper for another little girl. Gotta get busy. I 'm beginning to think about Christmas outfits for my grands.
I sent in the information to participate in the trunk show in November. I hope I don't kick myself for getting into this show. I need to think about exactly how I'm going to work it. I am not going to make up a bunch of stuff. I'm going to display dresses I've made and take orders, I think.
There's been no sewing today.
First I got my nails done at 8:00 this morning. Yes, this is one thing I do to pamper myself. I have the worst nails in the world, so I started getting manicures several years ago.
Then, I took Mother to the dentist. She's had a new lower denture made. I've had to take her 4 times now. I hope this is the last time. It isn't easy to take her anywhere. One of the CNAs from the nursing home went with me today and yesterday. I couldn't do it without help!
Then, there was laundry to do, a kitchen to straighten up, etc.....
And, I have an eye appointment this afternoon. I've been having terrible headaches, and I think it's because I need new glasses. I hope that's what it is anyway.


Trudy Callan said...

The dress is very beautiful. How clever to criss cross ribbon to raise the front. I never would have thought of that. That's one great thing about reading sewing blogs, is you can learn and get new ideas from others.

Kinderfalls Primitives said...

The dress is lovely, especially the way you have raised the neck line with ribbon. Your grandchildren are very lucky they have got you to make clothes for them. PAM XX

PaisleyJade said...

Dress looks lovely - hope your head stops hurting!

Jackie said...

You are such a prolific sewer! Using the ribbons crisscrossed to raise the neckline was ingenious!

I hope the eye doctor solves the headache problem!

Sher said...

I hope you're over you headache by now. And I bet it is the need for new glasses.

I really like your idea of adding that criss crossed lace for modesty.

Goosegirl said...

Julia, I LOVE the fabric! The whole dress is just beautiful!

gwensews said...

What a clever way to alter that neckine, and hide an overly ambitious scissor! I need you to send me some of your energy girl! Good luck at the eye doctor. I hope new glasses settle down those headaches.

Gail said...

Hi Julia, I've been a bit absent from blogland recently. Your grandchildren are so lucky. The dress is gorgeous and I absolutely loved the sheepskin look coat from the previous post.

Cindy said...

I can't tell you how many times that's happened to me. You're at the end of the project cutting the hanging threads and snip the fabric...or burn the fabric with the iron in the final press. You gave it a nice fix.

My little one actually made this pattern in summer camp. She did the black blouse with the tie sleeves. She wore it for her school pictures (they took them the first week of school). I'll have to scan the pic and email it to you. Make the blouse - they will love it. And...mine is 9 too - the neckline didn't hang low on her. You'll see in the pic soon :)
You have a lot of sewing to do...lucky you :)

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