Thursday, September 10, 2009

Princess Pocahontas

Here's Kellen's Princess Pocahontas costume for Halloween. As we all know, Pocahontas wore a one shoulder dress (at least in the Disney movie). Since Kellen lives where it gets pretty cold by the end of October, I decided to make her a poncho to go over her dress. Notice the beads on the fringe. Yes, I put those on one at a time and tied each piece of fringe to hold the beads on. With the arthritis in my hands that was quite a task, but I think it really adds to the look. Kellen wanted to make sure that I made the necklace like Pocahontas wore in the movie. This is about as close as I could get. I bought a bag of scrap pieces of leather at Hobby Lobby. There were black, brown, and turquoise strips in it. I sewed two of the wider strips together and wound a really thin piece around this stone that we found the last time we went to the beach. I was able to sew this leather with my machine with no problem.

I have Sacagawea's costume halfway done. I have a whole bunch of white beads to string for that one. I probably have about half of them done. The dress is sewn together; it's just awaiting its adornments. I'll photograph it when I finish.
Some of you may be wondering why I am working on these so far before Halloween. I have 5 of them to do for grands, one for a friend, Jenna's dress for her birthday, jumpers for two little girls, a shortall for a little boy, and maybe, just maybe some things to have for the show that I've been asked to participate in that is in November. I have to let them know by the end of September, so I'm trying to see if there will be time. Also, I'm probably going to visit some of my grands near the first of October and I'd like to take these with me when I go rather than mail them. Then it'll be time to think about Christmas outfits for the grands, a trunk full of princess costumes for a friend, and remaking one of my dresses for Kellen. I'll post about that one when I do it. She saw my dress that I wore in college and wants one just like it!
My husband and I are going to Knoxville this evening to get some gator meat for his dad, who has invited his Sunday school class to his house to watch the UT vs. Florida game next weekend. ( BTW UT beat Western Kentucky 63 - 7. Of course, Western Kentucky is a small school. This weekend we play UCLA. We'll be tested during that one. ) My father-in-law then asked us to get him some gator meat and decorations for the party. He is so excited.
Anyway, while we are in Knoxville I'll go by JoAnn's, Michael's or maybe Hobby Lobby to find feathers. Riley wants to be a blue and yellow bird. Kellen wants her American Girl Doll to be dressed like the hummingbird from the Pocahontas movie. Granmomma will try anything.
I also have a girl pirate (Emory), one of the monsters from Where The Wild Things Are for Little Man, a baby Indian costume for Jenna's American Girl doll (Sacagawea carried a papoose), and an Indian bag that Jenna can use for collecting candy. Then there's another Pocahontas dress to make for my friend's niece. She's only 5, and her aunt does not want a one shouldered dress. So, hers will follow a pattern I have which will make it easy.
I went with Mother to the dentist today! That is a story all in itself that will have to wait for another day!


gwensews said...

Julia--gee whizzy--why don't you find something to do? Love the costume! Thanks for mentioning Christmas. I was kind of hoping if I didn't think about it, it would go away until I'm ready to deal with it!

Jackie said...

The costume is gorgeous and the poncho is brilliant!

Oh...and you're not really *that* early, you're just not up the night before Halloween trying to finish up!

Amy said...

I'm with Gwen, I don't think you have enough to do.:-) Seriously, the Pocahontas costume is incredible and it looks like you're going to be busy for a while!

Trudy Callan said...

That is the most beautiful Pocahontas costume I have ever seen.

Sue said...

Gator meat??? Is that alligator?

Nana said...

The Pocohontas is great! My, you are busy but aren't grands fun. We seem to find the time for those.

Angelia said...

SO cute! Can't wait to see the others costumes! I need to start on my costume soon!!

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