Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award! Awesome!

Trudy sent this award to me. I feel very humble receiving this honor from her because she is very creative and has become a very good blogger friend. She also has an adorable little daughter, Emily, who has her own blog.

The "RULES" of this award are that I am to......
1) tell you seven things that you don't already know about me. I'm not sure there are 7 things that you don't know about me, but I'll try to think of some.
2) I am to name seven other blogs to receive this award. It will be hard to pick only seven.
3)I am to leave a comment on each of the blogs I have nominated letting them know that I have given them an award.
4) I am to thank the blogger who gave me the award.

Okay, let's see, seven things you don't know about me.....
1. I have a phobia of heights! Just thinking about standing on the edge of a cliff starts my heart racing. Flying isn't so bad because I don't have to look out and I know that at the end of the flight I'll be seeing one of my daughters and her child/children, or I'm going on some exotic trip somewhere. I can dream can't I?
2. Claustrophobia is even a bigger issue for me. I do not like to be in closed-in places. I'm not wild about elevators, but I do ride on them. If one ever got stuck between floors while I was on it I think I'd have a heart attack. I've been in several caves, you know touristy places, but when I went into Mammoth Cave on the "keyhole tour" I nearly freaked. I will not go underground again.
3. On that same note, I want to be cremated when the time comes, because just thinking about a casket and underground gives me the willies. Also, I like the thought of being sprinkled in either a wide open space or a body of water somewhere.
4. I love to swim. I grew up near a city pool, and I went nearly every day. I was even a lifeguard one summer. I didn't like that, though, because everyone else was having fun while I watched. If I believed in having a past life I would think that I was a dolphin. If I believed in having a totem, a dolphin would be it. When I life guarded, I did pull one guy out of the water. He jumped in the deep end and didn't know how to swim. I watched him go under a couple of times before I realized he was really in trouble. A lot of the guys would tease the female lifeguards this way. Anyway, I got him out. He was a really tall guy who was a year or so older than me. He was pretty embarrassed, but he did thank me later.
5. Even though sewing is what I do most often, I do like to draw, paint, and write. I am working on a children's picture book and only have a couple of pages left to do. I have a bunch of stories bumping into each other in my brain. I need to get them written down soon or I will have a major headache. I actually sent a short story to a ladies' magazine recently. I haven't told anybody about that! So shhhhh......
6. I have another phobia. I call it Dentistaphobia. I'm sure there is another proper name for this fear. I have had dental issues since I was 6 years old when all of my permanent teeth came in behind my baby teeth. The roots of my baby teeth did not dissolve, and the dentist had to pull them. But, the real reason I have such a fear is because when I was 23 I had a car accident that resulted in my front top teeth being embedded in the steering wheel. They had broken off completely. The roots were fractured. The teeth next to them were knocked loose, as well. I had a 6 tooth bridge for years. After having an abscess form above the bridge, and having issues with the anchor teeth, etc... I decided to have all of my upper teeth pulled when I was 50, 7 years ago. I have had an upper plate since then. I have never been happy with it and refuse to have my picture made very often, because I hate my smile! Well, it broke recently, and I am going to pick up my new one as soon as I finish this post. Wish me well. I got the new one a couple of weeks ago and it did not fit and made me buck toothed. (Update: I went to pick up my new upper plate and it still doesn't fit right so he's sending it back to the lab. In the meantime, I'm wearing a temporary plate.)
7.I am going to refer back to number 1 where I mentioned an exotic trip for my last one. My husband has always wanted to go on a cruise to Alaska, and I've always wanted to go to Australia. Now that I've made several Aussie friends through my blog, I really want to go even more than ever. It would be a dream to go to lots of other places, too, but these would be our first choices.

I follow lots of blogs. Many have been around for a while. Some are fairly new. I decided to award some that are, at least to me, fairly new. And, since I'm not a quilter, I don't feel qualified to award one quilting blog over another. I have seen some gorgeous quilts through this blogging world, though. I am so impressed with the patience and preciseness that these folks have.

Now for the blogs that I am passing this award on to:
1. This lady does the most beautiful smocking ever!!!
2. There's always something fun to read here, like about National Pirate's Day, a good natured feud with her neighbors who put trolls in her garden, but she got them back, LOL!
3. This is a very busy teacher who lives in Canada. Her latest post shows an adorable scarf for her dog. This is a young woman who has young children for whom she sews. The latest is a nightgown for her daughter, but she's made a really nice jacket for her son, as well.
5. This is a blog that I was following, when all of a sudden there were no new posts, but she's back now!! Yea!!!! Here's another very talented smocker who has had her creations featured in Sew Beautiful magazine. This lady makes the most unusual and personality filled dolls! You have to check her out.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Well Julia, you certainly deserve this award. Congratulations!

Faye Lewis said...

Now I know you even better. Glad that you are high and dry up there!

mimisatin said...

Congratulations on your award. Your backdrop is very cute. Also, thank you for stopping by my blog. Hope to get back to sewing soon. You are doing the very thing I want to do. Talk to you later. mimisatin

PaisleyJade said...

Well done!!

Rachel said...

Thanks Julia! I'm honoured - and congrats on receiving the award yourself! said...

Thanks! It took me a couple of days to figure this blog award thing out. (I am a newbie.)

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