Friday, September 18, 2009

Toucan and Paperdolls Completed!

Riley can be a Toucan for Halloween! Here is her completed costume....
from the back,

from the side,

and from the front. I'm sorry for the fuzzy photo.

Riley will be much cuter in the costume than this model. The only model I could find was a teddy bear. My father-in-law is borrowing my Smokey for his UT vs. FL party tomorrow. I draped the bird over a chair to make it stand up. The yellow has a Velcro closure all the way down the front. The front is sewn to a back that you cannot see that's underneath the wings. The wings are sewn across the back neck and down the sleeves. Riley will wear either yellow leggings or tights with this. I hope Halloween is a cold night up North because this is going to be a warm costume. The blue has a vinyl backing. The yellow feels like paper, I don't know what it is.

I finally got the paper dolls finished for Jenna. The first photo shows some casual and play clothes. These are not really like any that Jenna has; I just made them up.

Next you see a yellow dress that is very much like an Easter dress that I made for Jenna when she was about 2 years old, a slip, tights, a dress that is similar to the dress I made Jenna for her first birthday, and last is a top and suit that is "sorta" like an outfit I'm planning to make for Jenna for her 7th birthday. This looks like an old woman's suit, but I think it will be cute when I actually make it.

Now, here's a dress that's kind of like the dress I made for Jenna last Christmas, and two of her Easter dresses.

The first two outfits are similar to outfits that Jenna has. The orange one is a smocked gingham that I made for her a few years ago. I made all three of the sisters similar dresses because of UTs colors. The skirt and tshirt are copies of the outfit I made Jenna last spring.

A few years ago I made the three sisters this dress and cape. The cape and yoke and sleeves of the dress were purple corduroy. The skirt of the dress and the appliqued bow and collar are from a print that had lots of pinks, purples, and lavenders.

Every little girl with Tennessee roots, which Jenna has through her mom, needs a UT cheerleader uniform. The Indian dress is this year's Sacajawea dress for Halloween.

For past Halloweens Jenna has been a beautiful princess in a red dress, a mermaid (actually there were two Halloweens that she was a mermaid), and the most beautiful water fairy ever!
Jenna used to think that she really was a mermaid and that her tail would grow when she was a teenager. She said it would be ok because in the merpeople world there is a secret passage that humans can come through to visit.

As you can see I put magnets on the backs of the paper doll and the clothes.

I went to get fabric for Little Man's costume today at the store where I always find what I need when I need something unusual. Well, they had it in every color except off-white, which is what I need. I guess I'll go to Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's one day next week.
My husband and I are going to a concert tonight. I have been elected to the Arts Council in my county, and the first concert sponsored by "US" is tonight. This is the guy who actually sang instead of George Clooney in the movie, Oh Brother Where Art Thou. I'm anxious to hear him.


Faye Lewis said...

Wow! You got the Halloween costume completed so far in advance. I always wanted to make them for my grands when they were little but I was working too hard at the time to make time to do them. I love the paper dolls. So, you are an artist in all sorts of ways.

Martha said...

Oh wow, I think you are running for granmomma of the year!!! And those paperdolls are so cool. Good job.

Tanya said...

That costume is adorable and the paper dolls are just too much. She will always treasure them.

gwensews said...

You have such a good imagination. I am clueless when it comes to costumes. You could work in any college or professional drama costume department. And your paper dolls are great. The little girl believeing she was a mermaid--how precious! She gets her imagination from her grandma!

Hope you enjoy the concert.

Susan said...

I agree with are putting the rest of us grandmamas to shame! That toucan costume is over the top and the paper dolls are simply wonderful!

Sher said...

Got it done already! Adorable!

Judy said...

OMG! That is the cutest Halloween costume I have ever seen! Amazing. And the paperdolls......what a special Gramma you are. How can you say you can't make a quilt??? You do amazing things.

Goosegirl said...

You are truly amazing Julia! And those paperdolls!!! I am in love with them!

As to Halloween costumes, well, I have Ahnalin's apron done and the dress cut out. NOTHING is even started for India's. I had better get moving.

Trudy Callan said...

I love your toucan and your paper dolls! How clever to use magnets on the dolls and clothes. I wish I could draw because I would love to make some of these paper dolls for Emily for Christmas. She would love that so much.

blushing rose said...

Darling costume ... he will love it & have a good time.

Have a great weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

Cathy (tinniegirl) said...

The paper dolls are so fabulous. What a wonderful gift for a little girl.

Love the Toucan costume. Very clever.

Anonymous said...

I love the paper dolls and the wonderful costume. You're awesome Julia!!

Jackie said...

You have such amazing talent! WOW!

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