Friday, September 4, 2009

My Cousins Are Coming!

My camera is still broken so there are no pictures. I haven't been sewing anyway.
As I wrote a couple of posts back, we are expecting company. I've written before a little about my family. For those of you have already read about them, please forgive me for repeating myself. From the time I was 7 years old till I went off to college, we lived next door to my cousins. My parents were separated, so we moved in with my grandparents and an aunt who never married. In all there were 8 of us kids. I posted a photo of the 8 of us plus my oldest cousin's husband a month or so ago. My uncle died when the youngest child was only 3, and my aunt died when he had just turned 12. So, my mom moved into their house and finished raising the two boys who were still at home. One cousin and I were in college by then.
One of my cousins lives in Pennsylvania. She, her husband, their 2 sons, and her grandson are coming down. They are spending the nights with her sister, my cousin who is my age, who lives down near Chattanooga. Another cousin, his wife, their daughter and grandson are coming to stay with us. My sister is also staying with us. Another of their siblings, is in Hawaii this week to see their daughter play soccer. (Poor souls, lol!) The youngest of my cousins lives here in my town. My brother and his wife and son will be here some, too. He's going to the ballgame, though.
(We have season tickets, but I decided that I can't walk that far yet with my foot surgery and all. My husband decided he wouldn't go either, so he sold our tickets. We NEVER miss home games and we go to lots of the away games. Go Vols!)
On Saturday we will all gather at our house to watch the UT vs Western Kentucky football game, and then go out for pizza at the restaurant that my youngest cousin owns. Yummy!!!! Yummy!!!
On Sunday, I plan to go to church. We'll see how that goes with extra people in the house all trying trying to get ready and have breakfast,etc.... My husband has to go to church because the treasurer is out of town, and being the past treasurer he's in charge when she's not there.
Sunday afternoon, all will again gather at our house, just to hang out together. We'll grill hotdogs for supper that night.
Of course, the main reason the cousins are coming is to visit my mother. They will have to go in shifts. She would be overwhelmed if they all went to the nursing home at one time. I thought about trying to bring her to our house, but the last time we did that it was just too much for her.
My sister and my cousin who lives near Chattanooga are bringing food, so I don't have to provide everything.
I did make two no-bake frozen lemon pies and two breakfast pies (one with mushrooms, onions, bacon, sausage, and eggs, and the other with spinach, bacon, sausage, and eggs). We'll have snack foods during the game and on Sunday afternoon.
I think everything is ready for them to come. My sister is at the nursing home with Mother now, and one set of cousins are on the road driving and the others are in the air, as I type this.
My husband and I have redone bathrooms, mowed, planted flowers, cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned. I washed curtains and the whole nine yards, etc.... It's a good thing for us to have company because it gets us motivated to do things that should already be done!!
Next week I'm going shopping for fabric for Halloween costumes and sewing!! I am having withdrawal symptoms since I haven't sewn in several weeks, now!!


Sher said...

Julia, You and your family have a wonderful weekend! Then I want to hear about all the FUN :)

Susan said...

Your excitement just bubbles out of your post! I'm sure you all are going to have a wonderful time!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow girl, you are going to have a bizzzeee weekend. Enjoy your company :-)

Jackie said...

Enjoy your visit! I'd love to see an updated picture of all of you!

Trudy Callan said...

How special that you will be seeing your cousins. I hope you have a wonderful visit.

Sue said...

Have a lovely time catching up with your family!

Cindy said...

Have a wonderful time with your family. I know how much you love them!

So..did the Vols win? I'm not sure of any scores from yesterday except how bad the gators beat up on the team they were playing. oh..I said that bad word didn't I..gator :)
Be good to yourself. Can't wait to see the halloween costumes. (hugs)

Brenda said...

Julia, enjoy your family. I have my daughter and grandchildren here for the weekend. No sewing here, either.

BeeBee said...

Hope you had a nice weekend. The game score certainly helped! Um, GOOO VOLS!

XUE said...

wow! You sure are very busy!

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