Sunday, July 31, 2011

Smocked Sailboats

I just finished this, well, actually, it isn't finished.  I still need to block it, etc.....  I see some of the pleating threads that I overlooked.  First, I backsmocked, then, I made some waves in blue and white. 
I have never really done picture smocking correctly, but on this I decided that I wanted to do better.  So, I got out a couple of my Sew Beautiful magazines and a book on smocking.  I studied the correct techniques, and then I practiced a little.  I couldn't find a sailboat pattern that was free, and I didn't want to wait on buying one, so I just made these up as I went along.  I added the birds and then more wave stitches in blue and white across the top.  This is going into a baby boy's shortall suit.  It will be made from a tiny blue gingham check, and trimmed with yellow piping.  I am making it for Tucker, who is the 3 month old grandson of my friend.  She asked me to make it before he was even born.  I am just now getting it started.  I hope to be able to take it to her on Wednesday of this week.

I made a hand-smocked dress from a vintage table cloth, last week.  It was embroidered and had drawn thread work on it.  It was so pretty.  I donated the dress to the Boys and Girls Club for a fund raiser auction.  I hope it will sell and make a little money for them.  I forgot to take any photos of the dress, but maybe I can go to the event and get some, or I may just go by their offices before the auction and ask if I can get some photos.  I know they won't mind.

I had two teachers' meetings last week.  I am going to help the teacher, whose maternity leave I'm covering, work in her room tomorrow.   I hope I can stay home to sew on Tuesday.  Wednesday is when the teachers first REAL meeting is.  I don't think I will need to go to it, though.  Thursday is when the kids register.  There will be workdays and inservice days on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, then, the kids' first real day is next Wednesday, the 10th of August.  I will be a full-fledged third grade teacher ( until Christmas, that is).  I am looking forward to it, anxious about it, and dreading it all at the same time!!!
I will enjoy seeing my teacher friends again.  I had lunch with a few of them the other day.  It was so much fun!


Jan said...

I think for not having a smock plate you did an awesome job on the boats. I'm confident enough to try picture smocking without a plate to go by. It's enough of a challenge just following a printed plate.
Now just remember that some kids are nervous starting a new year of school. Until I got through 7th grade I would always wonder if any of the other kids wanted to play with me. Some years I had no friends. I was a very quiet child. Needless to say, I have many friends that I adore. Hope you count yourself as one of them.

Gail said...

Beautiful work. Hope you are enjoying being back at the chalkboard (sorry, electronic whiteboard!).

Cindy said...

It looks fantastic! I'm not very skilled, okay truth be told not skilled at all with picture smocking. I love the seagulls you added.

Have fun jumping back into the teaching world!

Needled Mom said...

I always love seeing your beautiful smocking. It will make an adorable romper when completed.

Good luck with the teaching.

gwensews said...

How sweet! You and Bunny should get together and smock til' you drop! She's doing a picture smocking, too.

Shannon said...

This looks adorable! Please share a photo when you get it all made up- it will look perfect with blue gingham!

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Looks pretty darn good to me! I can't picture smock at all! Can't wait to see the finished dress!

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