Sunday, July 24, 2011

Christening Gown - 4th time Worn

I have posted about this Christening Gown before, but it has been a while.  I made this dress 32 years ago for my daughter to wear.  Since then, one of her nieces, Miss J, and her daughter, Lil'E, and now her daughter, Lil'B have worn it, too.                                              
 I really don't remember how I did this lacy neckline.  I just worked the thread with my needle till it came out like I wanted it to be, then I wove the ribbon through it.  The ribbon ties at the back neck for a closure.  I also used 3 of the tatted loops from my grandmother's tatting to serve as button loops on the back. 
 Here's a close-up of the embroidery which I did freehand.  That's why it isn't perfectly symmetrical.
 Here's the slip that goes under the dress.  Before I forget who has worn this dress, and when, I need to embroider their names and dates of their Baptisms.
I actually made this before I was really into heirloom sewing.  I wasn't well versed on some of the techniques, but I was happy with the outcome anyway. 


Jan said...

For not having done much heirloom sewing, I'd say the dress turned out beautiful!

Goosegirl said...

Oh Julia, it is lovely. Every detail is so pretty. I love the lacy neckline especially and the embroidery is beautiful too.

gwensews said...

That is so precious. So sentimental. Hopefully, it will be preserved for yet the next generation.

Cindy said...

That's so wonderful that it's been worn 4 times. It's very pretty!

Kim said...

The embroidery is so beautiful- and to add the names- how precious and special that will make it!! Beautiful Julia ♥

Needled Mom said...

It really is gorgeous!! I think the names would really add to it. I did one for our sons and my daughter now has it for their family. I always thought about adding the names to it, but never did. Now I do not think I can remember all of the children who have worn it as some were not even family members. it while you can still remember!!!

Faye Lewis said...

That is a most wonderful gown. Love that cute little slip too.

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