Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Flower Show and a couple of other things...............

This little fellow has taken up residence in our front shrubbery.  I think he's a baby Mocking Bird, Tennessee's state bird.  His parents keep fussing at us whenever we get close to him, but he just sits and stares at us.  I guess we are scaring him.  We should leave him alone.
Rose of Sharon
Butterfly Bush
Not quite blooming yet, Crepe Myrtle
Knockout Rose
Pumpkin, where I threw out our fall pumpkins last fall.  Ha!!!!
POISON IVY!!!!!  My husband is spraying this today!!!  I sure hope he gets rid of it.  I've never had poison ivy in my life till this year, and I've had it twice just recently!!!
Can you see them?  Look very closely.  See all those little black dots?  Thousands of June Bugs in the field between our house and my father-in-law's.


Marydon said...

Love that wee bird & your florals are fabulous, Julia.
We have tons of June bugs now too. Unusual.

May her flag fly high & proud forever over this great land ... may God see the changes we need & grant us that blessing.

Happy 4th, sweetie.


Goosegirl said...

The birdy is so darling! And the flowers are lovely. I had to click on the picture to see the june bugs but there sure are a lot of them. I hope you have a gorgeous Independence day weekend Julie!

Sandy said...

What a beautiful little bird! Your flowers are lovely also.

Flamingo K (aka Karen Schurr) said...

Happy 4th, Julia! Love your little birdie, (hate those little black beetles....shiver). Have a lovely weekend!

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

Love your photos! We don't get June bugs in California but the fig beetles will be hatching soon and they look just like them! I get the larvae in my composter and feed them to the lizards.

Trudy Callan said...

Gorgeous photos. I've been enjoying your refashion posts lately

MushyWear said...

The little bird looks so sad with the corners of his mouth turned down. Very pretty flowers you are growing. What kind of bug is a June bug. Are they like grasshoppers?

Kim said...

Julia- what gorgeous flowers! The little bird is sure a cutie- I'm the same way....I like to look but then I try to back off and leave it to the Momma bird--mostly so they'll come back again :) Ugh- do you get that many june bugs every year?? My Mom used to call me June bug when I was little because I was born in June- but I think they are ugly little bugs and I hate when they crawl on me :) Off to catch up more :)

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