Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Paper(?)Doll Book

I found this fabric a while back and nearly forgot that I had it.  I found it at Katy's Fabrics, which is a little family owned store not too far from where I live.  Anyway, the dolls are on one bolt of fabric and the clothes on another.  I started with one looooooonnnnnnnnggggg piece of the pink checked seersucker fabric.  I cut around the dolls and then zigzagged the edges, folding the pink checked fabric into pages with batting in between, as I went.  When I was finished with that, I cut a bias binding from the multicolored checked seersucker.  I bound each page and then the spine of the book.  The spine was a little difficult to work with because it was soooo thick with so many layers and all that batting, but it worked.  As you can see, the pages are slightly askew at the bottom.  I figured it wouldn't matter too much since I was making this for a one year old.  I realize that the almost 4 year old, big sis' will probably want to play with this book, too.                     
The doll on the front is off-center.  If I had thought ahead, I would have appliqued something about Lil'B on the front, but it was too late when I thought to do that.
I made a pocket on the inside of the front cover for a storage place for the clothes, hats, and shoes.
I sewed Velcro to the dolls on their heads, feet and chests.  After backing the clothes with a rosebud print (which I should have photographed, but didn't) by zigzagging around the edges, I cut them out and attached Velcro to the back of each piece.  I made sure that the Velcro would be in the correct position for each doll and piece of clothing.  There weren't shoes for some of the dolls feet placement.  The dolls are standing in different positions, so some of the clothing doesn't work on some of the dolls, but I made sure that each doll had an outfit or two.
The following pictures show the dolls with and without their clothes.

This fuzzy photo shows the birthday girl and her big sister checking it out just after it was opened.
Here's the birthday girl enjoying her first cake!!!!  By this time, she was sleepy and filled with a little too much sugar.
And here's a photo I just couldn't resist posting.
 This is Lil'E admiring her new dress that I posted about a few posts back.  Of course, she would be holding it up backwards, but that's ok.  She wanted to wear it to church the next day, but her mom wants to get photos at the beach first.


Goosegirl said...

I love these little "paper dolls"! They are so sweet. I have a thing for paper dolls and would probably play with them myself. They are a precious birthday present for your sweetie.

Susan said...

I've seen quilts made with this fabric and they are nice, but I really love your idea of making a paper doll book with it! You're a genius!

MushyWear said...

This book is so precious as are your granddaughters. What fun. I know I would have loved a book like that as a little girl.

gwensews said...

I would have loved to have that book when I was a little girl. I played with photos I cut out of the Sears catalog. Cute kids. No wonder they have your heart!

sewing spots said...

What a cute book! Beautiful granddaughters, too!

Needled Mom said...

I love the idea of the paper doll book. I can see that being put to great use.

Happy birthday to the wee one!! Soooo cute and I love the picture of your GD holding up her new dress.

Debbie B said...

Love the paper doll book!Would be great for your girls to play with at church - really quiet! I know exactly where Katy's is. We lived in Englewood for a few years after we got married, moved just down the road below Etowah 30 yrs ago & are still here now! Our grandgirl just celebrated her 2nd b'day. She loved her cake too!

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