Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A BABY To-Go Seat!

This is just a zippered bag, right?                                
 Well, yes, but there's something inside. just looks like a bunch of fabric and sashes, hum................?

But................if you slip it over the back of a chair (almost any sized chair, this one is a typical ladder-back cane-bottom chair)in a restaurant or at a friend's home, etc..........,

 ...........and then tie the first set of sashes around the back of the chair,
 ....then, slip a baby, or Smokey ( the University of Tennessee's mascot), into the front with another set of the straps (sashes, which have loops sewn to the front part that covers the back of the chair for which to guide the sashes and keep the securely in place) over his/her shoulders, then.........
 ......tie that set of sashes around on the back of the chair, also, then...............
 ......pull up the sashes that are attached to the part of the seat that the child is straddling, and.......

criss-cross them around the back, then the front, and around to the back again before tying, the baby will be securely confined to the seat.
 If the seat part is too tall for the baby, it can be folded down to accommodate a smaller child.
 I realize this sounds like a lot of tying, etc..., but truly, it only takes a minute to get the baby settled.  Of course, I was working with a very cooperative Smokey and not a squirming baby, but my daughter borrowed a seat very similar to this when we went to my niece's wedding, and it was a life saver!  She didn't have to carry in some bulky seat or stroller to the reception.  Now, granted, this is not exactly like the seat she borrowed, because it was a purchased one, and not  made from a sheet and sham pillowcase covers like this one were, but I think it will work equally as well.  I sure hope so, anyway.

Below are some darling milkshake banks that the children at VBS have made from plastic cups, fabric scraps, soda straws, and red poms.  The theme of VBS is SHAKE IT UP!  It is a food themed Bible study and refers to lots of scripture that is food themed, but mostly as a reminder to children that their are many people less fortunate than they, and that God wants us all to GIVE of ourselves, our talents, and items/food/etc.................  One of the gentlemen at the church made milkshakes for about 90 people the night they made these!!!!!  We are a very small church, so this year we have gone in with another, not quite as small, church to have VBS!  It is working very well.  Next year, we will be the host church.


Claudia said...

That is such a great idea! I love it, Julia. It will be so helpful to moms everywhere.


Kim said...

how smart! I love that it's all in it's own zippered pouch too :) The milkshakes are adorable!

Needled Mom said...

That IS a fabulous idea. I am sure your victim would be just as mellow being secured within!

Love the milkshake ideas.

MushyWear said...

Clever, very clever and so useful! The "milkshakes" are fun.

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