Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sailboat Shortall

I finally got this finished.  There are a couple of things I would do differently if I was making it again.  For one, I would have either made the smocked panel go all the way to the side seam, under the sleeve, or I would have made it a little shorter, so that the corners would not be in the sleeve seam.  It added a little too much bulk, but I truly think it will work out ok.  I know the grandmom of the little one this was made for is very happy.  She took it to her daughter, who was happy, too.  They even asked me to make him a Christmas outfit.  I have to think on that one, because.........

........I have started work.  We had inservice and work days Wed., Thurs., and yesterday, plus the days I had already been to meetings the week before and last Mon., when it wasn't required, but I worked in the classroom, anyway.  It dawned on me the other day, that when I retired, I only had 3 grandchildren.  I, now, have SEVEN!   It was difficult getting Halloween costumes, Christmas outfits, etc.... done with just three, but with seven, I don't know how I'll do it!  But,  believe me, my grands are my top priority, so they will get done!!!!  I came home everyday this week and sewed for an hour or two just to get this little outfit done.  I kept changing my mind about what I was doing, so I took out, and redid several times.  I will have to plan more carefully before I start my Halloween sewing!
Big and Little Little Men want to be Monster TRexes in pajamas, Lil'E wants to be a Sea Fairy and her Lil'B is to be a Sea Horse.  Miss K wants to be a character, from a book she's read, who wears a karate type outfit (I'll have to research that one). Miss J wants to be a character from Harry Potter (Again, some research will come into play).  Then, there's Miss R, she changes her mind often, but the latest is a HORSE.  She first said a black cat, which would be so easy, but if she wants to be a horse, a horse she'll be!!!!  Her big sister was a cowgirl riding a horse one year. 
First, I have a couple of little birthday outfits to sew.  Lil'E will soon be 4 years old.  I will make her and Lil'B simple little matching skirts, maybe????

Going back to SCHOOL news..........We had a parents meet the teachers time last night.  I was flabbergasted as these parents kept coming into my room, and I was recognizing them as my former students!  I can't tell you how weird that was!  Now, I've had the kids of some of my former students before, but seriously, about half of my students are former students' kids!!!!  I think it will be fun to get to know their kids!  At least none of them (that I know about) ran to the principal and demanded that their children be moved to another class when they saw who their kid's teacher would be this year! 


Jackie said...

I don't know how you do it all Julia!

Another fabulous garment. I always love your use of piping and the special touches you always add.

I wonder if your former students will be parents who are easier to work with because they know you already? My sister is a teacher and I know sometimes parents can be a challenge.

MyNorth said...

I agree with Jackie. I don't know how you do it all. And you make it seem so easy too!
Good luck with the students, the Halloween outfits and the birthday outfits.
You are truly one amazing grandma!

Rachel said...

That is an adorable outfit. I look forward to seeing your Halloween costumes for your grandchildren.

window dressing said...

Very beautiful outfit for the little guy. I am sure the Halloween outfits will come out perfect. I can not wait to see the Sea Horse!

Needled Mom said...

It really is such a sweet little outfit. I can see why they want you to do another one for Christmas.

For a few years before I retired I had some patients who were coming in for the delivery of their grandbabies and saying, "You took care of me when I had my baby." I really felt OLD!!!!!

Enjoy the school year ahead.

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