Sunday, August 14, 2011

Giving Lil'E Her Name

 For Lil'E's birthday, I made the letters of her name from different fabrics that will match her room, then I stuffed them and hand sewed them together.  I tried to blur the letters enough that you couldn't read them, but so that you could still see the fabrics.   I'm not so sure that you can really see the fabrics, but you get the idea.  The back of each letter is made from a green linen-like fabric.  Her bed is painted purple and her curtains have purple and green (made by her other grandmother - so cute!!!), and her bedspread is pink.  She needed something that tied all these colors together.  She had a bedspread before that did tie it all together, but then her mom and dad bought a new bedroom suite and gave her their queen-sized bed.  The twin bedspread didn't work anymore.  I hope Lil'E likes getting her name for her birthday!
This is the top that I made, from one of mine that I never wore, to go with the twirly skirt that I made for Lil'E from the bed skirt.  After looking at these photos, I'm beginning to think this skirt is going to be way too long.  I need to call my daughter for some measurements.  Growth tucks might just have to be stitched.


mickey said...

I remember making initial pillows when I was a teen-- one pattern company offered a pattern for them and I remember thinking how silly it was to spend money on a piece of tissue when I could cut out a letter myself! I'm sure Lil'E will love hers! I love your upcycling!

MushyWear said...

I'll bet she loves the pillows and the new outfit!

Kim said...

What a cute idea- Lil'E is going to love it! The shirt matches the skirt so well- I really NEED to work on my sewing skills so I can start re purposing my closet too!

sewing spots said...

How special!

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