Wednesday, August 24, 2011

To All My Blogger Friends

I am not gone, and you are not forgotten.  I'm just too busy with school stuff: grading papers, putting up bulletin boards, writing detailed lesson plans, writing out standards and objectives to go on the wall, analyzing benchmark test data, grading papers, trying to figure out what to put in learning centers, learning how to use a smart board (BUT - the teacher computer in my room is broken right now, so I can't use the smart board), learning how to probe (don't ask), still trying to learn my schedule (I'm getting there), grading papers, taking up snack money (but, no lunch money this year, YEA!), grading papers, etc......  Did I mention grading papers?  Oh yeah, I guess I did.  I'll be back when I catch my breath.
Gotta get some Halloween costumes made!  Can't wait to get started!
  I just went in my sewing room to iron a pair of pants to wear to school tomorrow.  My sewing machine cord was caught in my sewing table chair.  I moved the chair, and yes you guessed it, my machine crashed to the floor with parts going in every direction!  I am so upset that I can hardly breath right now.  My husband has offered to take it to the sewing machine store where I bought it, and where they repair machines, tomorrow.  I am praying that the guy there will look at it and say that it CAN BE FIXED!!!!!  I just hope it won't take forever, but mostly I just hope he can fix it!!!  There is really only one part that is actually broken, and I would think it could be replaced.  My daughters have offered to let me use their machines in the meantime.   My son-in-law checked with UPS and found that they can ship theirs for a reasonable amount.  I just want to be able to make Halloween costumes.  I have my husband's grandmother's machine, which might work, but it is at least 50 or 60 years old, maybe more.



Faye Lewis said...

GIRL! This sounds just like me! My oldest grand-son (17 - a senior in highschool) visited the weekend before school started and he got me at least started with smartboard. Still not using it to full capacity, but at least I'm in and fumbling my way through. The students actually help me out a lot too. I wish you all the best this school term. Oh yes, and I'm grading lots of papers too (48 students in three blocks). Oh how I wish my school had a scan-tron machine!

Beangirl said...

ARRRRRGH. Poor sewing machine. I hope it's ok! Uh... at least you have, y'know, gradig papers to keep you distracted.


Nana said...

Your title scared me.....thought you were going to leave the blog world. But, I truly understand, how I remember those days. I had 10 years in the classroom. Very time consuming. Hope the machine is back in operation soon. Sure you need the escape.

Nana said...

Your opening"to my blogger friends" scared me....thought you were going to leave....glad to know that you are only very busy. How I remember those days(10 years). Hope the machine is back in operation soon, sure you need the escape.

Jan M said...

I hope a little time at the machine spa will have your friend back in tip top condition with plenty of time to make those costumes!
Good luck with school and your new routine!

Jan said...

Last spring, my heavy machine dropped on my foot and gave it a nice goose egg. And I need to take my serger in for a spa day with the doctor. It needs timed. I have a frinend at work who has the same serger as I do and I can borrow if I need to. I so hate it when a machine needs to be worked on. Even if I don't have plans to sew, I might want to. Ok, Busy Julia, I'll let you get back to grading paper.

Jackie said...

I'll bet they can fix it! Try not to worry too much. Sounds like you're really busy. The beginning of the school year is always hectic.

Needled Mom said...

Oh no!!!! How dreadful - the sewing machine, that is! I do hope they can fix it.

My mom was a teacher and I remember the hours spent grading papers. UGH!!!

Kim said...

oh Julia- I think my heart stopped too when I read that! I will keep my fingers and my toes crossed that it can be fixed. Take care my friend-don't forget to take care of you while you are so busy ♥

Claudia said...

Julia, you sound so crazy busy right now! Don't overdo, okay? I'm so sorry about your sewing machine! Hope it can fixed easily.

I've been a bit overwhelmed as well lately so I haven't been visiting blogs as much as I would like.


ShirleyC said...

Oh Julia, that sounds like something I would do. I read your newest post, and I hope it can be saved.

Martha said...

Oh dear, I hope they can fix your machine. I would be beside myself as well. Machines actually ship very well. I shipped one to my daughter a few years ago. Not a problem. Good luck with the repairman.

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