Monday, August 15, 2011

Lunch Tote for Lil'E and Growth Tucks - Gotta Love 'Em

 I made this little lunch tote for Lil'E. I don't think she will really need it at preschool this year, because she just goes for a half day, but she will probably take snacks.  Also she could use this to take her gymnastics gear to class, or to carry her doll clothes, or whatever she chooses.
 Her initials are E. R. G. Her middle name is Ruth.  She and Miss J were both given my mother's name as middle names. 
 The back has a butterfly applique.
 The sides are from the same fabric as the appliques.  I sewed a thin layer of batting between the layers of fabric.  I do not know what this fabric is or even where or why I have it.  I found it in my stash, though, and LUNCH TOTE came to my mind.
 I went to Walmart to find a thermos, etc... to go in her tote.  I was really thinking PINK, because that's Lil'E's favorite color right now and I had some really cool fabric with pink in it to trim this in, but it was either lime green, red, or dark blue.  I bought the green thinking I surely had something that would work.  I was lucky enough to have the green and purple floral, but just barely enough to work! 
 I made a removable tote inside the tote to carry the sandwich box and thermoses, so that her mom could remove it to wash it if need be.  And - so if she wants to use the tote for something besides her lunch or snack, it will be easy to convert.
 Velcro was the closure of choice on this.
 Don't you just love how a growth tuck in a skirt makes it even cuter?  I needed to shorten this a little, so rather than cut off the ruffle and sew it back on higher on the skirt, I just made a growth tuck.  This way, if Lil'E likes it next year she can still wear it, if her mom will take the stitching out.  I kind of like the way it has even more body for twirling with the tuck added.
I am going EARLY to school every morning and staying LATE every evening.  I was the last to leave at 6:00 tonight!  I have so much to do in order to be ready for the next day, because I am having to learn the new curriculum for 3rd grade since I was used to 6th.  Plus, the administration has added a lot of stuff that has to be done, so I'm doing it.  Also, since I'm not in my own classroom, I'm having to hunt for stuff.  In my own room, teaching 6th for 18 years, I knew where everything was and what I was going to do for the entire year.  I like a challenge, though!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I hope your year goes well Julia.

Goosegirl said...

I am praying you are blessed this year as you teach. Those children will be so blessed to have you!
And I love growth tucks too. I use them in most of Ahnalin's dresses! My favorite way to hem.

sewing spots said...

That is such a cute bag! I love all the details that you included.

You're right about the tucks on the skirt--cute before and more cute now.

Good luck with your school year! Sounds like a challenge.

gwensews said...

That's a super cute little lunch bag! I remember, years ago, children's RTW were made with growth tucks. Guess they got too expensive to produce.

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