Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Preview and a Poem by Honey

Here's a peek how the beading looks with the ribbon woven through it.  Since there were two holes side-by-side,  I wove the ribbon up through the top one, down through the bottom one, then up through the next top one, etc... So, it gives a poofy look.  I didn't want to hide any of the flowers embroidered on the beading between the holes, and this was my solution.  It took lots of time to do this.  There are over 2 yards in the width of the skirt.  It took more than 6 yards of ribbon to go around twice.  I am also using the beading on the sleeves.  I'm still waiting on the handkerchiefs to get here, to use for the collars.  Miss E's dress is done except for buttons, buttonholes, and the collar.  Miss B's still needs the ribbon and just about everything else.

Here is an inspiring poem that my grandmother, Honey, wrote.  Her real name was Beulah, but we called her Honey.  The oldest of the cousins thought that was her name because that's what our granddaddy called her.

When there's no breeze, row.
Bend to your oars and go.
Look up, not down
With never a frown
For the man with a smile
Wins the race worthwhile.
So, row, man, row.


MyNorth said...

It looks like it did indeed take a long time to weave the ribbon through. Nice effect!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love it!! Grandmother being called Honey because Grandpa called her that! Priceless.

Susan said...

Well worth the's going to be beautiful!

ittybittyandpretty said...

hello julia, sorry i havent left a message in such a long time but i do visit often :)
your creations are amazing and that poem is just enough to keep you going.

Rachel said...

That is a beautiful poem. We called my Grandfather "Love", but his real name was Robert.

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