Monday, March 28, 2011

Dresses for some Little Dolls

  I made these little dresses for some, as the title says, LITTLE DOLLS.  I more or less, made them to match the dresses that I have made for my three oldest grands for their dolls.  Miss K and Miss J have American Girl Dolls.  Actually, Miss R does, too.  Hers is a Bitty Baby.  But, Miss R is into Barbie right now.  Of course, the dresses aren't identical to the REAL little dolls' dresses, but similar.  I hope they like them.

  I didn't have extra fabrics that were exactly like the girls' real dresses for the most part, so I just made these sort of like the real dresses.  The skirt on the blue one in the bottom right corner looks like it is shorter on one side than the other.  After I saw this photo, I checked the dress, and it really isn't.  I guess it's just the way the doll is modeling.

  The yellow dress up in the right hand corner is an exception.  None of the girls have a yellow dress made from the cuff of one of my shirts, but when I cut these off, I thought, "Hummm...... that looks like something that could be turned into a Barbie dress.  It's been right where I put it last summer waiting to be made into this absolutely GORGEOUS sundress.

   This little girl doll, by the way, is one that belonged to our youngest daughter many years ago, and just happens to be the same size as the AG dolls.  The Barbies in the top left photos belonged to my daughters, too.  My Barbie, who is about 50 years old, is modeling the yellow dress.  She is skinnier than the others.  Somewhere through the years, Barbie gained a little weight in the hips.  I had trouble getting this dress on the younger Barbies.  I hope she fits Miss R's Barbie, who is only a few months old.



Claudia said...

How do you do it all? I have a feeling you are constantly sewing! They will be so excited to get these clothes.


Kim said...

how adorable Julia! I had to click the picture a couple of times and check out all the details :) Your grands are going to be so thrilled!

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Awwww. I want doll clothes

Teri Marshall said...

Too cute... I wonder when you sleep?

Clara said...

Very, very cute indeed!

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