Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Easter Parade Continues

Lil'E and Lil'B can be in the Easter Parade.
Their Easter frocks have been made.
Purple with sleeves and a bow,
Is all Lil'E asked for me to sew
For her and her little sis.
I hope these dresses will fill her wish.

 That's four Easter outfits that are done.
Of dresses left, there's only one.
Two shirts, ties, sweater vests and slacks,
Are all that this granmomma still lacks.


Jackie said...

The purple and white is perfect for Easter. I always especially love your piped sleeves!

Claudia said...

These are adorable, Julia. What wonderful colors for Easter!


ShirleyC said...

I guess all little girls love purple. That's Shelby's favorite color - poorpul!
Sweet dresses!

Sharon said...

That is so beautiful! Perfect for Easter.

Needled Mom said...

Those are just beautiful and I love the pretty color too. You are almost there!!!! Great job.

KID, MD said...

So gorgeous!!

gwensews said...

Super cute little dresses. Reminds me of blueberries. I'm so glad to see you sewing again, and showing us your beautiful creations. You are such an artist.

Elle said...

I am such a sucker for big bows!! Love these!

Rachel said...

Those dresses are GORGEOUS!!!! That color of purple is one of my favorites.

Kim said...

cute, cute, cute Julia! I'm still wanting to be one of your you want to know what color dress I want for Easter :) (just kidding- but I think your grandchildren are so lucky to have these outfits- they will be things they treasure when they are older) The monogrammed hanker chiefs are so beautiful at the collar too--Fabulous work!!!!!

Donna said...

Oh Julia! How beautiful! I love those colors and your lovely sewing. last sewing post was about how to make a birdseed catcher. Not pretty at all..though useful. Ha!

But I did get to quilt today. One more tote bag sent off. :o) You really do sew the loveliest things. :o)

MushyWear said...

Absolutely adorable! I love the shade of purple in the dresses.

Teri said...

There just beautiful I love your work! I love the coller's! so delicate so pretty!

Sherry said...

Your work is just beautiful. Everything about the dresses is perfect. Not many little girls have the privilege of wearing such beautiful, hand made dresses.

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