Friday, March 11, 2011

Boys' shirts done!

Shirts for Big Little Man and Little Little Man are done.  I had fits with these because of my sewing machine needing a check up.  I think I took out as much as I put in big Little Man's shirt because the tension needed adjusting.  I kept adjusting and adjusting till finally, I got it right.  Little Little Man's shirt went much more smoothly.  As you see, I made him like a onesie so it will stay tucked in. 
I included all the details that  a Little MAN'S shirt should have, like button down collars, cuffs with plackets, and yokes across the back with FRUIT LOOPS!  If you are my age, you probably remember pulling the fruit loops (the little loop on the back of a boy's shirt) and keeping them.  If you really liked a boy, you made sure to get his.  Some of the boy's, and I'm sure their moms, weren't too happy when their shirts got ripped.  I don't think I ripped anyone's.  I do remember some girl in my high school really ripping, not just the seam, but the fabric of some boy's shirt.  I think that's when the announcement came over the INTERCOM that NO MORE FRUIT LOOPS WERE TO BE PULLED OFF BOYS' SHIRTS, PERIOD!!!!!  Okay, so it wasn't such a great idea in the first place.
Next, it's the boys' pants, which are already cut out, ties, for which I've already found the fabric, and sweater vests that I'm going to knit.  Remember me posting that I was going to challenge myself to learn something new each month.  I never did get the cable knitting done.  One of these sweater vests will have cable knit stitching, that is , I HOPE it does!  That's the plan.
Last month I learned how to do the Boutis Technique of Quilting.  To learn more about this go to Donna's blog, Comin' Home.  She has done a beautiful post that explains the technique way better than I did.  She really knows how to do this.
I didn't learn to do drawn thread work, exactly, because I had done it before, but it was so long ago, that I really had to relearn how to do it.  I used this technique on my middle daughter's Christening Gown, 31 years ago.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow Julia, the shirts look great!

Jackie said...

I never knew that was called a Fruit Loop! Too funny. I always learn things from you, Julia!

MyNorth said...

Shirts look great and I recall the loops from way back when.
Too bad about your machine. Mine was acting up too so I took it apart (where it comes apart easily) and vacuumed it well. Then oiled it, readjusted the bobbin tension and now it works better. It still needs to be serviced but at least I'm cursing it less and can sew until it goes to the doctor.

Flamingo K (aka Karen Schurr) said...

Wow, Julia, your productivity is amazing. What beautiful dresses and shirts! Hope the machine woes aren't serious...I'm a little concerned that my machine is getting out of time and I'll have to take it into the shop and be without for awhile....bummer.

KID, MD said...

So cute shirts! I didn't think to add a loop to Logan's. Next time! I am amazed at how you are ripping through these. You've made 2 in the time it took me to make just one. Awesome!

Needled Mom said...

I love the idea of the onesie for the smaller shirt. That will definitely keep it in place.

Kim said...

I have never heard of the "fruit loop" either- how cute! The shirts look amazing! I hope when you get your machine back it's in tip top shape and you won't fight with it anymore. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

MushyWear said...

The onesie dress shirt is just too cute! Great job Julia.

gwensews said...

Wonderful shirts. Turning a dress shirt into a onesie was a great idea! How cute!

Claudia said...

How do you do it, my friend? Bravo!


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