Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whew! And I've only begun.....

I've started cleaning my basement and here's just a few 
of the things I have found that I'm willing to show to you.
My mom had blankets, towels, wash cloths, and sheets,
I'm washing them all, here is just one of the heaps.
   My daughters were in gymnastics back in the day.
"You let them wear these?" some might say.
"Of course, I did, I wanted them to be
stylish and cool like their friends, don't you see?"
 Barbie and Ken were dressed very well
From this small sampling, you can tell.
With three little girls, we had to have tons
Some were shiny, some slinky, but all were fun.
Baby Dolls, Barbies, Strawberry Shortcake and friends
Are now all cleaned up and in this little bin.
This doll and others had matted, tangled hair
So I washed and combed, I wasn't sure I should dare.
But, the effort was worth it, as you can see
This doll's hair is as silky as can be.
 All three of my girls have boxes of stuff.
When next they come home, I hope time is enough
For them to look to see what they've put away
For bringing back memories on another day.
 We have boxes of books galore,
Believe me when I say, "There's lots more!"
My girls liked to read, I guess you'd say.
Perhaps their children will read these one day.
 Stuffed pets are are washed and in a high pile
Waiting for some child's face to light with a smile.
Will it be with my grands or some others to play,
When my girls decide to keep or give them away?
 My mother had treasures that I think I will save.
Some are gifts that her friends to her gave
There's a clock I gave her, and that pretty tea pot,
Several journals and other things, really, not a lot.
 My husband has hats in boxes piled high.
If he wore them all at once they would reach the sky.
Now, I know that was corny, but what will I do
With all these hats?  I haven't a clue!

 A washer and dryer that no longer run
So why do I still have them, when their duties are done?
Because, as you see, they make a great space
To store VCRs.  What would be a better place?
Now, this is a mystery for me to ponder.
We have a grocery cart.  Why, I wonder?
There's stuff in it, but I don't know what it is.
 I'll ask my husband, it must be his.
A tv, anyone?  This was my mother's, but it is broken.
When we asked our kids if they want it they say, "Are you jokin'?"
"It's not worth the trouble it would be
To fix it and besides, it's too big don't you see?"

There's lots more to go through
It'll take me a while, there's so much to do
But a dent has been made, I can see part of the floor.
Here's a big pile to be thrown out of the door.
The ground is too muddy to drive the truck around
We have to wait till a pretty day can be found.
Once this heap is gone there'll be more take it's place
Until I am satisfied with this space!
I still have my collection of tins, baskets, and such
So, I'm not complaining about the others leaving so much. 
I'm going to get rid of my stuff, too
I don't want my girls to have this to do
When we are no longer able to do it ourselves.
I want it all neatly put on the shelves.
We still have the things to go through
That my husband's family left here, too.
So, it'll take some time, but it will be
Worth it not to have piles taller than me.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't everyone have a shopping cart in their basement? Love it! I just did a purge in the basement...very liberating!

Flamingo K (aka Karen Schurr) said...

Gee, Julie, I wonder how many old VCRs and such live in basements across America....billions maybe. I've got a few squatting down there, myself! We've done similar purges (yes that is plural) a few times, now, and the piles keep getting smaller with each purging. My son, though, just moved in with his fiance and we helped him clean out his old house where I found several things he had taken off my hands....then, the inevitable happened and he asked me to store them for him until they get a bigger they're back in the basement again ;) I hope this isn't going to be a trend with the kids! Good luck with your purging. Doesn't it make you feel good to get it all organized and sorted.

sewing spots said...

Wow! I'm impressed both with your clean out work and setting all the pictures to rhyme!

Gail said...

happy new Year Julia. I'm tempted to buy you an air ticket to come over and clear out garage. I can hardly get my car in!

Faye Lewis said...

Much progress!

MushyWear said...

So much day it will be prime. It hasn't licked can still rhyme!

Hang in there Julia!

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Julia, you are just tooooo much.

Jackie said...

A grocery cart?! You are just too funny Julia!

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