Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oh the treasures I am finding..............

In our basement hiding for years
Were these treasures that I will hold dear
My Big Mama gave this rabbit fur muff to me 
I have so few things from my dad's side of our family tree.
So, my mother keeping this safely put away
Means more than I can say.
My mother's thoughts and daily activities are recorded here
    In these diaries that she kept each year.
   When she was 10, 11, 12, and 13, my mother
      Wrote in the one on the top and the one with no cover.
          She wrote about her siblings, her parents, and friends, too
       About going to church and going to school.
There's one from nearly every year of her life
About her joys, her work, and her strife.
 Our middle daughter designed this dress
When she was in third grade.  "Aren't you impressed?"
She wore it on Easter Sunday to church
And while for eggs she went on a search.
When it was made there was a big pink ribbon and bow.
What happened to it, I do not know.
This pretty dress was one I made for our oldest daughter
I loved it more than any I bought her.
It had tulip sleeves with a pretty trim
Which was also sewn on the hem.
 The back dipped into a deep V
And had tucks beside the zipper, as you see.
You can see on either side some snaps
A bow used to cover that gap.
I found the bow, and need to retie it.
I've tried, but I can't get it to fit.
 This beautiful shawl was made by my college pal
She was one very talented gal.
I wish I knew where she lives now
I guess I could find her, but I'm not sure how.
This gorgeous shawl was made by my husband's grandmother.
It is so lacy and soft. It's equal? There is no other
Grandma is one of my inspirations for learning to knit
And crochet, with the drive to never quit.
Even though, I'm not nearly as talented as she
If I keep practicing maybe I will some day be.
 Below is a sample of a sweater I'm knitting.
This is the back, so far I'm not quiting.
I already made one, that didn't turn out,
I used the wrong size needles, and without a doubt,
It really does matter if you want a sweater to fit.
So, from now on I'll use the right ones when I knit.
 My sister recommended this book
I've had it a while and hadn't given a look.
But, with snow predicted  on these cold winter days
I decided to try it, and I must say,
So far it's really good, so I will continue to read.
But, I have so much else to do, that I really must heed.
I'll read and knit in the evenings, during the days I must go
Clean in the basement and maybe even sew.
The break that I've had from sewing has lasted a long time.
I'll get back to it soon, and.............
I have now reached the end of this rhyme.


sewing spots said...

Some neat stuff there! Good memories.

Flamingo K (aka Karen Schurr) said...

So many great memories.

Gail said...

It seems you have opened Alladin's Cave. It is amazing that you have your mother's diaries. Perhaps the hardest thing is to imagine our parents as children or young people. Now you don't have to.

The sewing room said...

Wow such treasures at your finger tips you are so lucky to still have these. I am hoping to inherit off my aunt a childs pushchair i played with as a little girl i have sweet memorys of this and i will treasure this for years to come but alas i have nothing else,but i have saved lots of things from my children growing up and i pass them on when they have grown up and have a place of their own.

Hugs Pat

Faye Lewis said...

Ice/snow, I'm not sure what it is out there but my yard is beautiful! It's probably about 4 or 5 inches of ice/snow out there now. I panicked and did the grocery store thing early last night. Made spaghetti w/Italian sausage, and a pineapple upside cake at about 3a.m. You know we hardly ever get weather like this here. Like a crazy person I stayed up ALL NIGHT LONG, just because I could. Went to bed at 6, got back up at noon. Now I'm working on enlarging a skirt pattern. I just know that I'm not going out there today! Need to go start the car up though I guess. Stay safe my Friend!

Donna said...

Hi Julia, Wow--I can't imagine ice and snow this year. We have gorgeous fall weather..and the birds and squirrels think our pond is their personal oasis. The leaves are piled high..and walks in the woods and the cold air just leave me speechless!

I love your poem..How sweet! I'm sewing a little bit, but back to doing school too..mostly math. And I grilled a brisket today for hubby's boss and co-worker who are staying with us all week.

Next week, I get to start babysitting once a week, my two grandchildren who live nearby! Hurray!

I love reading what's up with you. I'm dying to use my new serger for the fabric I bought for curtains, and tablecloth and new couch pillows. Now if only I had time. But I'm crossing my fingers for next week. :o)

You might like to see my post on how to make a fabric shower curtain. I designed one for a friend and now I want to make a new one for us too. :o)

Have a great week!

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