Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Am Doing Stuff........

I have been working on a few projects, but at a slower pace than my "normal" one.  I've decided that I don't really have a "normal" anything, thus the quotation marks! 

I am working on another sweater.  This one is being made from yarn that I had left over from the blankets I recently made.  I sure hope there's enough to finish.  I actually went to Walmart yesterday and bought more of the lavender.  They didn't have the yellow, though.  I have plenty of the green.  I guess I'll make a trip to a "BIG" city nearby to find more yellow if I run out.  I bought this at a JoAnn's up in the NE.   I know you should buy all the yarn at one time so that you have the same lot number, etc.., but when I bought this I wasn't thinking about making this sweater.  
I like these colors together.  So far it seems to be going fairly well.  I am understanding the directions better this time.
 One of my daughters asked me to make some valences for her bathrooms and her kitchen.  She also wants me to cover a cushion for a bench she has.  Here's the first valence.  This one is pleated with a separate casing across the top.  I love this fabric.  It is tone on tone in a sagey green.  One of the stripes has a shiny sheen to it.
 Here is the pleat from the front side, but....................
 if she wanted to use it the other way around, she could.
 For the other bathroom, she bought this black and white plaid fabric.  This valence is just a straight rectangle with a casing at the top and a hem at the bottom.  I did line it, but it couldn't get much more basic than this.  For this bathroom she has three baskets that need new liners, so I made those, too.  this basket is one of mine and is smaller than hers, but for a photo I thought it would work.
This orange is for the cushion cover.  I don't have the measurements for it, yet.  I did measure all of these windows and this cushion when I was last at her house, but I can't find the piece of paper I wrote them on, so........... I called my daughter.  She hasn't had a chance to get this cushion measured, or
 the kitchen window that this fabric is going to cover.
Little Man's dad, my son-in-law asked me to make Little Man some pants out of a pair of his old work pants.  He is a forester and wears rugged pants like these every day.

 As you can see, he wears them until there's not much left to wear!  But.............
 I think that is I use the fabric inside out, it will work.  I am going to try anyway.  He actually gave me two pair to work with so I think it will work.  Little Man will be so proud having a pair work pants like Daddy's.
So, as you see, I have been busy.  I am just not in a huge hurry like I usually am.
Next, I have some Valentine gifts to make.  Then, it will be time to start work on Easter clothing for SEVEN grands!  I have an idea for only one of them so far.


KID, MD said...

Your sweater knitting is seriously impressive, and I can't wait to see how the pants turn out. I love making boy stuff out of Daddy stuff. Sentimental and economical!

Donna said...

My goodness Julia, you do the same kinds of projects I do...curtains..pants..zippers. Now I DON't knit sweaters. I'm so impressed!

I'm planning on doing a sewing post on Monday and want to feature you and my friend Caroline. I'll be at my mother's tomorrow and the next day. I'll see if I can get it done via her wireless--praying it will work. Actually, I remember that I was able to do our Thanksgiving post from her house. :o)

You are amazing!


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