Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Women In My Life by Julia

Some very special women are a big part
Of my life and will always be in my heart

My daughters are the first to come to mind
They are all three strong, yet so kind
They are the moms of my five grands
These lucky little ones are in such good hands

My Mother is a rock in my life
She's worked hard through a lot of strife
She raised us three and helped with cousins, too
She never questioned what was the right thing to do

My Mother-in-law was an amazing lady
She taught school while raising her 5 babies
She made the best biscuits and chocolate pies
She cooked a huge breakfast so was always early to rise

My aunts, Joyce and Cissy, played an important role
There's a place in my heart for them I'll always hold

My grandmother, Honey, is always in my thoughts
Compassion, manners, and to sew are a few things she taught

Big Mama was always fun to be near
She loved to fish every day of the year

Then there's Johanna, my big sis
To be like her was always my wish
To be as smart and accomplished as she
Is something I could never hope to be

My cousin, Malinda, has played a huge part
She and I have shared so many "heart to hearts"
We're the same age, so as we grew
The dreams and wishes of the other we knew

My dear nieces and my sisters-in-law, I admire
The loving spirits they display, to everyone, inspire

Many dear friends have truly been there for me
To name them all here would be impossible you see
So I won't try, but you know who you are
From my thoughts and prayers you never are far

I am the luckiest woman I know
To have such special women who have blessed me so
I thank each one of them individually
For the part of me that they will always be



Slipstitches said...

This is such a sweet poem. Thank you for sharing this, it really brightened my day.

Trudy Callan said...


This is a beautiful tribute to the women in your life. They have all helped to make you who you are today. said...

Women are the best! You have been blessed in life to have so many wonderful women in your life! Lovely post. suzie xx

angie.a said...

So sweet Julia! Thank you for sharing it!

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

A lovely poetic tribute to those women who I am sure feel or felt the same way about you.

Flamingo K said...

What a wonderful way to honor these ladies. Thank you for sharing, Julia.

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