Monday, May 24, 2010

Mother and A Couple of Grands Celebrate Birthdays!

My mom is 86 today! I made her the shawl she is wearing. Bless her heart, you can tell from this photo that she doesn't feel well today. You may recognize these quilt squares that I posted about awhile back. These are the ones that I made about 28 years ago, and other than a few pillows, I never made them into anything. When I was trying to decide what to give my mom for her birthday, these came to mind.

My husband and I took her these cakes to share with the other residents and some of the staff. I got her the hat because she is always commenting about some of the other ladies having hats. I put it on her, and she immediately wanted it off because she had a headache.
She received lots of cards. I meant to take a picture of her bulletin board where I hung them, but I forgot.
She really wasn't feeling well at all, so she really didn't feel much like celebrating. She actually told me to go home so she could close her eyes and rest. THAT'S A FIRST!!!!! I knew she didn't feel well then! I am expecting to get a phone call to go back to the nursing home after while. I can tell she is going to have a rough night.

Here is the shawl all spread out. I purposely made the back really short so that it will just cover her shoulders and not have to go down between her chair and her back. Sometimes whatever is on her back gets bunched up and makes sore places. But, she's always cold and wears a shawl all day everyday. I had made her two others from fleece that I posted about a long time ago. But, I thought she needed a springy/summery one for now. I lined this with a cotton pink rosebud print.

Our youngest grand was 2 last week. We got him this wheelbarrow. He loves to "help" his mom and dad stack wood, etc..... So he needed his very own wheelbarrow. We also got him some gardening tools. He got a gym set with swings and slides, etc..., a hot wheels, a blow-up pool, all the swimming things to go along with it, lots of clothes, puzzles, and lots of other things, too.

Our oldest grand was 10 last week. This is her at the Medieval Fair at her school. I got to take her and our 7 year old granddaughter for this event. We also got to go to her band/chorus concert. We are so proud of her musical talents.

May Birthdays in my family

6th- son-in-law
7th - mine/my grandfather
15th - my granddaughter
17th - my sister/my father
21st - my grandson
24th - my mother
28th - my sister-in-law

Thank you all for your kind comments about my last post. I had so much fun painting that fence. I went back today to touch up a few places that needed it. I do not consider myself as an artist at all. I like to dabble with painting, drawing, etc...., but I am not truly an artist. What talent I do have comes from genetics, though, so I can't take credit anyway!!! My dad was very artistic, as were my grandmother and aunts. My daughters are all three extremely creative and talented, as are their children. So, whatever the gene is, it's getting passed along, but it is more intense with the older and younger generations than it is with mine.
I did enjoy taking a week off from blogging. I tried to get online and read a few, but I didn't get much of a chance. We ended up going up to the Northeast to celebrate the grands' birthdays, and we were very busy. I don't know that I am rested, but at least we got away and were around different surroundings. I think my husband really needed that after the death of his mom a few weeks ago.
I was back in my sewing room today finishing Mother's shawl, and now it's time to get started on baby nursery sewing. We have number six grand due this summer! I'll get started on baby stuff tomorrow!


ShirleyC said...

The shawl is just beautiful, and I'm sure your mom will enjoy it a whole lot. I'm sorry she wasn't feeling so good for her birthday. I hope she feels better tomorrow.

Michelle said...

Happy birthday to your mom. I hope she feels better, and enjoyed her day!

Faye Lewis said...

Happy birthday to your mom. She looks wonderful!

ittybittyandpretty said...

it must be hard for you to see your mother have 'hard' days. she is lucky to have you to support her and love her so much. thinking of you.
xx rosey

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Tell Mom happy birthday for me. I hope I live to see 86. Growing old is truly a blessing.

Gail said...

I hope you had a happy day with your Mum. She shares my star sign!

Donna said...

I love that quilt!!! And I'm so glad you got to spend time with your mom even if she didn't feel well. I know she appreciated a birthday visit. Your grandkids are darling by the way!

Goosegirl said...

Happy Birthday to your darling mama. I love the shawl you made her. It is so pretty.
And I think you are fabulously creative and talented, even if you don't think so! I pray the Lord blesses you this week.

gwensews said...

I hope your mom is feeling better today. Maybe today will be brighter for her, and for you.

KID, MD said...

Wow, May is a busy month for y'all! I'm sure your mom will really appreciate that shawl. It looks just perfect.

Claudia said...

Happy Birthday to your mother, Julia! Even though she wasn't feeling well, I'm sure she appreciated your birthday celebration.

Yes, we don't live too far from the Taconic Parkway - maybe about 30 minutes?


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday to the young and old. Life sure is a precious gift!

I've missed you! You sound recharged after taking some internet time off. I've been doing the same but only because my mind has been elsewhere. Hope to catch up on so much real soon when time permits. I need more sewing time too :)

Tanya said...

Julia I have been trying to leave a comment forever and kept having trouble getting it to open, so this one will have to do for your Mother's birthday present, awesome and that fench is truly a work of art. If I don't comment it's because I'm having trouble but just know I'm a fan.

Jan said...

Such a pretty shawl, and your mother will be wrapped in your love! Hope she is feeling better soon.
I adore the little wheel barrow!

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! The shawl you made her is gorgeous.

MushyWear said...

Your mom is so precious looking wrapped in that shawl. Just like a flower popping out. Happy Birthday to her.

XUE said...

That is a gorgeous shawl !
And many birthday wishes to your family members! What a happy month of celebration! My mother & my daughter also have their birthdays in May.

Flamingo K said...

I've been catching up this morning and finally saw your fence painting blog. What a wonderful idea and I love your inscription. So sweet. Also, that shawl is so pretty. I hope your mom is doing better, and I'm sure she really appreciates all you've done and are doing, even when she can't say so sometimes.

Angelia said...

I love the quilted shawl you made your mother.. very beautiful!! Sorry she wasn't feeling well though.

I'll try send some pics of stuff that might be good for the show soon! I'm crocheting a shug from alpaca/silk yarn my mother spun for me that would be good!

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