Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Heaven - at least in realm of fabric stores!

I love this store!!

I've posted about this store before, but I've never had my camera with me when I've gone there, until now.
When you enter the front door, there is an old iron bed with gorgeous quilting fabrics, etc... laying on it. Look at the tin ceiling! I LOVE it!

To the right when you first enter, this is what you see. Tables stacked with all kinds of really nice fabrics of almost any kind you can imagine, well, you won't find fine silks, etc... here, but most anything else. Every time I have needed something unusual for a costume, or whatever, I have found it here. Also, when my daughter was looking for fabric for her nursery decor, she looked on line, and guess what store carried this same line of fabric? Yep, you're right, Katy's. I called and talked to Katy and she ordered it. We got it for lots less here than in a major chain store where we could have found it.

Do you see the barrel of buttons? You scoop up a coffee mug full and pour them in a bag. The whole cup full is just $1.00. In the back are some home decorating fabrics. There are cottons, minky dots, chenille, fake fur, seer sucker, all kinds of knits, flannel, wovens, prints, plaids, you name it and you'll find it here.

There are trims galore! You can find tulle, silky princess fabrics, character fabrics, velveteens, University of Tennessee fabrics, and all kinds of quilting supplies! They have a good selection of threads and lots of embroidery floss. There are bunches of vintage patterns. There are pillowcases to embroider. There are embroidery kits. Oh yeah, and all the fabrics are less expensive than the same exact name brand fabrics in the stores that are in Knoxville and over an hour away from my house. This store is much closer to me!!

Need I go on? Can you tell I like this place?

Oh yeah, I talked to my daughter and she doesn't think that "almost 10" will like the bright colors of the top I made for her that I posted about yesterday. Hum.....I'm not sure there will be time to make another. So, I may just go buy her something else. I may not have time to do that either, though, since I'm painting the mural (also talked about in last post), but you know what? I have enough for her anyway. Perhaps I can make her another one for when school starts back in the fall. She'll need it more then, anyway. This one may go to her younger sister, if she would like it, or maybe to a little girl at our church. My daughter was afraid it would hurt my feelings to tell me that K wouldn't like this top, but no feelings hurt here. I just wish I had thought to ask her mom if she would like the fabric before I made it. Oh well, like I said in my last post, I know what it is like to be her age, and I would not want her to be uncomfortable wearing something just because she thought she had to because Granmomma made it for her.


Rettabug said...

Julia, this looks like a great place to spend a morning (and a little money!). I got a kick out of the bed piled high with fabric. Looks familiar! LOL

I'm sorry to read about the loss of your MIL. Its good that you are so close & able to help out with the aging parents on both sides.

I wish you strength & Peace to continue to do so.

KID, MD said...

What a fun fabric store! It's so hard to sew for "that age". I'm glad that her mom was honest with you and that cute top can go to someone who will love it. It's too adorable to not be worn!

Kathy said...

love that store!!

I remember my 10 yr old girl...they want what they want! But like another blogger said....someone will love it and wear it...its pretty!!

Claudia said...

Oh my gosh, Julia, I would go nuts there! What a fabulous store. Perfect for you with your sewing skills!


Sares said...

It looks like a wonderful store! I don't sew but I can just imagine the delight of entering a store with all these possibilities and choices. How would you ever chose one thing! Have a terrific day and thanks for stopping by!

Ladydy5 aka: Diane Yates said...

Okay Julia, now I need the address of that store. It looks so cool.

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