Sunday, May 2, 2010


Most of the family is gone. We have one daughter and Lil' E still here. The others had to get back for work and school tomorrow. It was wonderful to have them all here, but the circumstances were sad. We are a very tired bunch! One sister-in-law is still here, but she's leaving today. Our two daughters and their families from the NE left earlier than they had planned because of the bad storms that were headed East. The bunch from Memphis got caught in the horrible flooding there. Some made it home, but they had to detour through part of Mississippi. Some had to stop at a hotel for the night. One sil's house is flooded! The Nashville bunch made it home before it got really bad there. One sil and her family went to Nashville for a wedding last night, and couldn't get to the church where the wedding was. They made it to the reception, though. We are high and dry in our part of the state, so far, but we may get lots of rain tonight.
My brother and sister came in for the funeral, so they took care of feeding my mom, along with my cousin's help. She had a couple of really good days, but yesterday when our daughters took the children to see her, she was very confused. It will be interesting to see if she remembers them coming. I'll be going at lunch time today.
I will try to get back to my sewing later this week. The fabric for the baby due this summer has come into the store. I will go pick it up tomorrow. The baby's mom is the one still here, so she can help me pick out the coordinating fabrics she wants for the curtains, pillows, etc..... I still have some sewing to do for the two grands who have birthdays later this month. My daughters went through my Ottobre magazines and wrote the children's names next to the outfits they liked for them. Now, I've got my work cut out for me trying to get those all made!! Some may end up being Christmas gifts.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Sounds like you have had such a busy week. Hopefully things will settle down and get back to normal. If you have a chance, please stop by my blog and vote for my friend :-) Thanks.

m&em said...

Glad everyone made it home safe. Will keep praying for you and your family as there is "no back to normal". Its great your daughter can "help" you sew for their kids. Take care.

gwensews said...

Death is something we all know about, all expect. And yet, we are never prepared, regardless of the circumstances are we? Hoping your hearts heal soon.

Kathy said...

I'm happy everyone made it home safe and sound. Prayers and hugs to you and your family!

mickey said...

I think we're getting the same storm system you are-- I hope you stay safe and dry! How wonderful that so many friends and family were able to come and pitch in. You have a lot to do but don't forget to take care of you and take time to heal as you need it. Gos bless all-

Trudy Callan said...

I'm so sorry to hear about all of the flooding in TN.

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