Saturday, May 29, 2010

Not the Baby's Room and Copying a Designer Dress???

This is not the baby's room. This is in my house. This is the crib that we used with our babies, who are now 34, 3o till Tuesday, and 27. It was used by my cousins' babies when they were little and visiting my mom's home, and all of our grands have slept in it when they visit Granmomma and Grandaddy. So, it has been through lots of little ones, and it isn't finished with its job yet.
I am going to add some pink pom-pom trim to the crib skirt and make a couple of pillows. I've got to get to Knoxville to buy the trim, though so it will be a few days before I get to finish. The baby's real room is painted yellow and has a white crib and chest and a blue chair. I'll get these in the mail as soon as I can, and then, once my daughter has it all together and sends pictures, I'll share them with you.
I'm also going to make a sling for my daughter and another one for one of my other daughter's sister-in-law, whose baby was due last Friday. I haven't heard if its here yet or not. I sure hope so for her sake.

New fabrics that I bought at Katy's today. One of the blue prints is to make a dress for my friend's almost 8 year old. She brought her mother this..............

very old and well loved Barbie dress ( well someone designs Barbie's dresses, right?) the other day and said, "Do you think Miss Julia can make me a dress like this?" Her mom asked me if I could, and I said I'd try. I am going to look through all of my patterns to see if I have a basic one that I can use to get the size right. Now that I see the pictures together, I realize that the Barbie dress is more aqua than the blue fabrics. I guess I'll ask her mom if that will matter.

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Jackie said...

I can't wait to see your version of the Barbie dress!

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