Friday, May 28, 2010

My Brother has a New Hip and Some "LOVEBIRDS"!

My brother had his second hip replacement done yesterday. He had his first one done two years ago!! So, now, he's going to be even more annoying than he already was, by thinking he's the "bionic man" or some such! If any of you have older brothers, you know what I'm referring to, I would guess. My brother is only 22 months older than I am, and rather than me being a pesty little sister, he was always the aggravating one! He delighted in making me squeal, "Mother, make him stop!" He has grown up to be just as aggravating as a man, at least in height, but not in maturity! Seriously, when he is around, I have to ban the topics of religion and politics, because whether he truly agrees with you or not, he will argue just for the sake of argument. He thinks it's funny to see me, or anyone, get frustrated, etc...... I love him, anyway, though, and wouldn't trade him in for anything. I was there yesterday morning when he had the surgery, and he did remarkably well! I wouldn't want to be one of his nurses!

A quick up-date on my mother.....
The doctors have decided that perhaps some of her meds, or a combination of some of them, could be causing some of her anxiety, crying, headaches, etc.... So, she was taken to a nearby hospital yesterday, where they have a special unit for seniors with these types of issues. They are planning to gradually take her off of most of her meds and gradually add back some or change them altogether. The goal is to get her off as many drugs as possible and send her back to the nursing home a much calmer lady.

These are the two main fabrics that are going into the baby's nursery. Lovebirds from the Leanika Collection by Dena FreeSpirit Fabrics is for the crib skirt and a few accent pillows, etc... The pink has tiny white polka dots and will be made into curtains and perhaps a pillow, as well.
I haven't purchased the minky dot fabric that I want to use for a blanket, but I will probably stop at Katey's today to see if she has a color I want.


Claudia said...

Julia, I am glad that they may get to bottom of your Mom's anxiety. Hopefully, she will feel much better. My brother was just as annoying as yours! It brings back memories.

Happy to hear his hip replacement went well.

Have a wonderful weekend.


djStoreRoom said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well for your brother.. Also, having the doctors listening to your mother and having the tests done is great.. Many doctors simply refused to listen to our elderly and just brush off their concerns..

The LOVEBIRD is so cute!!~ Very well-chosen..


Salinda said...

run over to the csi project and check things out! ;)

MushyWear said...

That fabric is wonderful. I think it is great your mom will be reevaluated in a safe facility. Meds can cause so many side-effects. Sounds like a good plan.

Trudy Callan said...

Congratulations on winning the challenge. That's quite impressive. I hope they are able to get the meds figured out just right for your mom. I'll be praying for her.

Kim said...

The little birds on that fabric are so sweet! I'm late in reading blogs- so sorry Julia! I hope they find out something with your Mom's medications ♥

Flamingo K said...

Julie, I've been gone and just getting caught up on my blogs. Gotta say I love these lovebirds! What a sweet fabric. Hope the hospital can help your mom. Those meds can get so overwhelming. I watched my mom's whole personality go away in a few weeks once they started her on some meds in the nursing home. Its so good the hospital is going to try to help. Do take care...Hugs

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