Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Yeah, I know that Thanksgiving isn't even here yet, but...............

I can't wait that long to start on Christmas outfits for the grands.   For the two little ones out West in the desert where it will be in the 70s Christmas Day, I'm using red gingham, per their mom's request.  Little B, the three month old, is getting a bishop style dress.  Since I am using gingham, I decided to pleat it by hand rather than with my pleater.  This way, I was able to pleat exactly with the checks.  As you can see, I also was able to pleat so that on some rows, mostly red shows, and on others, mostly white.  I have only begun the smocking, so this doesn't look very good, yet.  I plan to use very narrow green ribbon to weave through some of the smocking.  I am going to do this in a way that my daughter can remove the ribbon and, either replace it with red or white ribbon, or leave it without ribbon.  That way, this will be a great dress through the Valentine holidays, as well.
This photo just shows the back side of the pleated fabric.  You can see the different rows of red and white in this photo better than in the other one.  By hand pleating, I was also able to work around the French seams without making a bulky pleat.  Her big sis is getting a red gingham loosely hanging dress that has a large white collar.  I'm going to make the collar detachable and reversible.  One side will have a Christmas motif either embroidered or appliqued, and the other side will have a Valentine motif.  Or, the dress will be wearable without the collar.
I'm waiting on confirmation from my older three granddaughters as to whether or not these fabrics will work for them.  For Miss K, our 10 year old, I plan to use this purple satin with a black flocked polka dot pattern.  I will use this along with a sheer purple with smaller black flocked polka dots and black velvet.  Miss K and I both got on our computers on Sunday to look at the Justice Children's Clothing website, so that I could see what style of dresses she likes now.  One of her favorites had a black velvet bodice and a purple taffeta plaid skirt with an overlay of (probably?) tulle.  The band across the bottom of the bodice had "jewels" sewn or glued on it.  The closest I could come to this dress's fabric was this polka dotted satin.  I hope she likes it, but if she doesn't, I will go on line to see if I can find something else.  This fabric will, for sure, be used for something else, sometime.

Miss J also looked at the Justice site and one of the dresses she liked best was red and black.  It was made from a fabric that started out red on the top and gradually blended in with darker red until it became black at the hem line.  I didn't find that, but I did find this satin that was reversible with mostly red on one side and mostly black on the other.  I will probably use the red for the bodice and the black for the skirt, or maybe vice-versa.  The flower trim will be the band between the two.    That is, I will use this fabric if Miss J likes it.
For Miss R, we looked at a Gymboree site.  One of her favorite dresses was a gray sweater dress.  It was really pretty, but not very dressy.  At not quite 5, Miss R likes anything pretty, so I stayed in her color choice, but the fabric is a satin with a black flocked floral pattern.  This dress will have either black or red tulle peeking out from below the skirt.
I may, or may not, use this black sheer fabric as an overlay on the skirt.  I may use the sheer to peek out from underneath rather than on top. (?????????)   Her bodice will be black velvet.  I plan to make a sash for her that ties with a big bow in the front, rather than the back.  All of these dresses will have crinoline linings that make them "stand out" a little. 
So far, for Little Man, I have found this very, very soft black and gray houndstooth wooly fabric.  I plan to make him a "trench style" coat.  I will also make him some pants, a shirt, and a tie.  I haven't gotten the fabric for these three items yet.  I thought I had some solid gray wool, but I don't.
Little Man's little brother or sister will be here before Christmas, but since I don't know the gender yet, I'll just have to wait and see what we get before deciding what to make.  Or, if I'm smart, I'll go ahead and decide what to make for either, buy the fabrics, and pick out patterns, so I'll be ready!


Myra said...

I love your ideas/plans.

Jackie said...

The pleats are fantastic! I just love how you involve your grands in the decisions. Do any of them have an interest in sewing?

Kim said...

Julia, you are so talented. I wish you could make me a christmas dress too :) I can't wait to see if the girls like the fabric you found ♥

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