Monday, November 1, 2010

Baby Carrier to Zip into Mommy's Jacket and some excitement

My daughter, who is expecting her second baby soon, lives in the cold NE.  I saw these inserts when I was looking for a way to make carriers for one of our other daughters, who had our little Miss B three months ago.  She wanted a totally different kind of carrier because she lives out West in the desert and doesn't need a jacket very often.  (I've made lots of the Maya Slings, and they love them. ) Anyway, when I saw these inserts, I asked my daughter if she would want one.  She said she did, so I borrowed one of her jackets, and here it is with the insert zipped in place.  I am not showing the inside just yet, because I want to see if what I did to make it adjustable works first.  I made it so that the baby won't slip out the bottom and can sit at different levels as he/she grows.  I put elastic across the bottom, and I think that my daughter could even carry her two year old with the elastic cupping around his little bottom and his legs hanging out below the jacket.
My daughter is lots smaller than I am so this will fit her much better.
The zipper I bought would not work with the zipper in her jacket.  It was really weird because one side worked, but not the other.  I ended up buying another zipper and replacing the one in her jacket with it.  That way I had matching zippers.  They work like a charm.  I sewed the zipper on the sides of the insert so they would match up with the zipper in the jacket. The insert is just a doubled rectangular piece of fleece that I matched as closely as I could to her jacket. I did line it with a piece of black woven cotton that doesn't have much "give" to it, so that it won't stretch out so easily as the baby grows.   I added a short zipper across the top so that it can zip shut to make a hood. 
The baby can be covered all the way if it's really cold, or by just leaving the zippers down however far is comfy, the baby can be free to look around, etc.....  I hope this works well. 

The other night, we were just calmly sitting here watching tv, when we started hearing siren after siren after siren coming down the highway. 
They seemed to be stopping outside our house, and that would be because they were!!!!
 Well, on the other side of the highway, but it was pretty scary looking anyway.  More and more police cars, rescue squad vehicles, ambulances, etc.... kept coming.  We aren't exaggerating when we estimate that there were at least 30 emergency vehicles of one kind or another. 

We called friends who have a police scanner and found out that there had been a car chase of a man who had stolen a car and was wanted for other things, too. (????)  Anyway, he apparently tried to pull off the highway across from our house, but wrecked the car he had stolen.  His girlfriend was with him.  She apparently was injured and couldn't get out of the car.  That didn't stop him from getting out and running.  What a gem of a guy, huh?  So, the police, etc... had surrounded a wooded area near us, where they supposed he had gone.  They even brought a search helicopter.  I mean, there were search lights, police dogs (yep, I heard them howling), and rescuers of all sorts all over the place!   We turned all of our lights on and made sure my father-in-law did, too, just in case this guy made it across the highway.  We really didn't see how it would be possible, but just in case, we thought we'd light the way for the police to see better.  This went on a couple of hours!  But, finally, they caught him, at least we think they did.  We never saw anything about this on the news. 
I couldn't get any good pictures since it was so dark, and I really didn't want to use my flash.  I didn't want to cause any distraction.  Also, I was inside my house.  I wasn't about to go outside!!!  My husband and I watched from various windows inside the house, though.  Okay, so we live in a small rural town, and there's not a lot of excitement around here!!!


Jackie said...

Every once in a while we'll have a police helicopter in our area. I always make sure we're locked in tight safely. I'm glad everything is ok in your area.

Needled Mom said...

That is a great idea. I am sure your little one will be snuggly inside of there.

Those police situations can be terrifying. Glad it turned out okay. I hope the gal dumps the guy. Likely she will go back with sad.

Donna said...

Wow..Julia! I would love to make one of those. I wish I could see better what they look like. Sounds like you've come up with a great idea for a warm baby carrier.

What a Grandma!!

MushyWear said...

This baby carrier is so clever. I would have been intimidated by all those zippers, but you stuck with it and made it work. I'll bet your daughter will love it!

Claudia said...

I think that's very exciting - rural area or not!
Love the baby carrier, Julia - what a great idea!


gwensews said...

Great carrier, Julia. And wow--that WAS some excitement! I live in MI, bordering Canada. There is a river between the two countries. On the island I live, there is a lot of Border Patrol, trying to keep people from entering the country illegally from Canada. There is a lot of excitment here with the helicopters and such when capturing an illegal.

Bead and Needle said...

How clever is this! Great job...

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