Monday, November 15, 2010

I've been tagged................

by Donna at her Comin' Home blog.  If you haven't visited her, you will be amazed by her interesting and varied topics on her posts.  I am always anxious to see what she has written about next.
In this tag game, which is a first for me, you are supposed to post about  
something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue..

So here goes:   
Something OLD!
 This is a Valentine that my mother received when she was a child.  She had it and several others framed for me, my girls, my sister, etc.............................

Something NEW!
She wanted a dress like the ones on this website.  She liked this dress the best......
Of course, I couldn't find the same fabric, and with a few other changes, this is what I came up with for her.  The fabric I found is polka dots rather than plaid and I put the "jewels" at the neckline and used a sequined trim at the waist.  I hope she likes it just as well.

My second hidden zipper didn't go in so easily as the first.
{As an insert here from my last post..........Miss J picked out this dress from the same website.......
And this is what I came up with for her.......  Neither of them are exactly the same, but close enough?????

Something BORROWED!

These little girls don't belong to me.  Since my grands live so far away, they couldn't be here this past weekend, so  I borrowed these beauties from their moms to model my creations at our wearable arts fashion show on Saturday.  They were beautiful and sooooooo sweet!!!!

Something BLUE!
I guess this is cheating, but these girls were so cute that I couldn't resist showing them again.  They were wearing the dresses that I made for my two oldest granddaughters to wear in their aunt's wedding 5 years ago. 
Now I guess I'm supposed to tag some more of my blogger friends, but I think since it's so late, I'll let any of you who want to play to go ahead and take my "tag, you're it!" and go with it!


ittybittyandpretty said...

love your something old... what a great treasure. and those little ones in blue are too cute!

Donna said...

Dear Julia, I was just dropping by to let you know you had been tagged..Tee-hee! LOVE your post!! What adorable girls..and dresses. I love your versions best!


Kim said...

what a sweet post!!! The little girls are soooo adorable and your dresses look fabulous on them Julia!

Gail said...

Such lovely things! I was glad to hear from you recently. I thought I'd been dropped.

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

You make the prettiest dress ever!

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