Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A sneak peek .....

I took three of my tee shirts that I have never worn (they are either too short, too big, too little or too whatever!) and layered them with the purple being on top, the yellow in the middle, and the coral on the bottom. I did all this after cutting the front and back apart and cutting the sleeves off. Then I used black thread and a zigzag stitch to randomly stitch curvy lines that criss-cross, go back and forth, up and down, from side to side, etc..... Then I zigzagged over the same stitches all over again for added strength. Then, I cut out the sections using my applique scissors. In some sections I cut out just the purple which left the yellow exposed. In others I cut both the purple and yellow, which left the coral exposed. The picture shows the fronts and the backs. I haven't done the sleeves, yet, and may not need that extra fabric. My next step is to use this as the fabric to make my grand daughter, who is turning 10 in May, a top to wear with shorts this summer. I used black thread because I saw some black shorts that I plan to go back and get for her. She likes the long Bermuda type shorts. Is she going to like this fabric for a top? She is growing up and doesn't want "cute" stuff anymore. O0O0O0 - those are supposed to be teardrops because she's growing up so quickly. I wouldn't want it any other way, though. :) :) :)
When I think of her I smile. :) :) :)
I just got my new Ottobre. Thank you so much ladies for prodding me into ordering this wonderful magazine. There are incredible patterns for little boys!!! little girls!!! big boys!!!! and big girls!!!! I am so happy! I look forward to it like I do my Sew Beautiful. Now, I need to order the Australian Smocking mag.!
Thank you so much for the good thoughts and prayers concerning my mom. I think her doctor and I have a workable plan with changing some of her medications. Pray that it works. Debbie suggested that we check her for a UTI. That's always the first thing we do when she starts getting confused, but lately that hasn't been what's causing her problems. Actually, she's only having a day or two at a time that she's not confused lately. Again, thanks for your continued support!!!


Trudy Callan said...

Love what you made with the t-shirts.

Sitll praying for your mom.

quer|elastisch Sabine Sprotte said...

Have you heard about "La Mia Boutique" before?

Have a look into the issue of April:

And here's the homepage of the editor:

I love this magazin (it's only issued in Italian).

Have fun with your old t-shirts.


KID, MD said...

That fabric is very cool! What a fun idea. I'm glad that you are liking your Ottobre. I think you'll get a lot of use out of it. I'll keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers as well. (((HUGS)))

Kathy said...

So cool what you did with those t-shirts...!! I've never heard of Ottobre, but I'm gonna google it now!! God Bless your Mom and family!

Kim said...

wow- that fabric looks so cool! I didn't understand what you did at first, but then it clicked! Awesome! I will be keeping your Mom in my prayers Julia ♥

Elle said...

Love that you have essentially made your own new fabric! Do you watch project runway? One of the contestants, Jonathon, used that exact technique quite a bit and I was fascinated.

ShirleyC said...

Very neat idea! I will be looking forward to seeing the top. I'm sure she will love it.

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