Friday, April 2, 2010

Fat Fighting Friday Week 6! A Big Rigmrole! And a few other things......

Okay, so today marks the 6th week of my Fat Fighting Friday posts. I haven't weighed myself today, so I don't know my poundage loss, but I think there has been a little. I have been really "GOOD" about eating and "SOMEWHAT GOOD" about exercising! I have tried on some of my spring clothes, and there are a few that I couldn't wear last year. There are some that still require that an inch or so to be gone!!! I feel good! That's my primary goal!
My husband and I are eating very little meat. The two times we went out to eat this week, we ate salads! He's lost about 20 pounds!!!! Yea!!!!!
I've missed lunch a few times. I know that isn't good to do, but it's just that sometimes I'm not home or anywhere around food at lunch time.
On Wednesday when I ordinarily go out to eat with my friend, we decided to shop instead. She'd already had a light lunch by the time I could go. I needed a new top to wear with a skirt that I already have for Easter. It also goes with a pair of capris that I bought to wear to our high school 40th reunion. Everything was on sale!!!
Yesterday, I didn't eat lunch because my mother-in-law fell again. We were in the ER from about 11:30 till about 4:30. There was a drink machine, but no food close by. She is not hurt this time, but they did all of the xrays, cat scans, blood work, etc.... to make sure. She will be restrained in her wheel chair at the nursing home, now. She tried to get out of it by herself.

The RIGMAROLE (isn't that a fantastic word?) that I refer to is what I have to do when I want to comment on your blogs, write a new post, etc..... Back a few months ago, I decided to change the email address that I used on my blog. My first one had my last name in it, and my daughter suggested that that might not be a good idea on the world wide web!!! Anyway, now when I want to comment, etc... I have to click on "sign out", then on the back arrow, then on "sign in" , where I have to type in my old email address and password, then I can start posting, etc.... I CAN post ,etc.... on my new email address, but it leads you to my defunct site. Many people have told me that they have trouble finding my blog. This is the reason!!! I tried to delete the first blog site, but it won't go away. Now, I'm afraid that if I completely delete it that I may be deleting this one, as well! So, if you ever click on one of my comments and it tells you that there is no blog there, it means that I forgot to go through all this RIGMAROLE before I commented. So, if you don't mind, go to my blog from your sidebar, or wherever you normally get to me.

I have finished all of the blankets. I made six. One in honor of each grand child and the one that's due this summer. They are also in honor of my first 50 followers,my 100th post, and my first year of blogging. These should have been made forever ago!!! I cannot take pictures of them just yet, though, because even though my husband is finished with his camera for the time being, he left it at his office!!!!
I will take pictures of them before I deliver them, however, along with my giveaway stuff.

I will end my giveaway on Monday. If you haven't read about my giveaway, go to my last 4(?) previous posts. You may comment on any one of these posts. I will be checking them all.


mickey said...

I've been encouraged by your FFF posts---not enough to lose anything yet but I'm trying to exercise more. That's what holds me back. Oh, and the three birthday cakes this week... ;) Still praying here-

gwensews said...

I'm dieting and exercising also. I just have to make it a priority. Keep peddling!

Kim said...

Julia- hooray on a good week! You and your husband must both be feeling so much better with all the healthy eating :) You are such a busy woman- I think you get plenty of exercise even when you don't get your exercise :)

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